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Allied Services

Whether it is database maintenance, data migration, end user support, user or administrator training, or on-site personnel deployment for support and maintenance, our qualified and trained team is always ready to help.


We offer a host of professional services to make your eLearning initiative successful. Our team of experts works with you to understand your unique business needs, requirements, and constraints, based on which they create an implementation plan that makes the best use of available skills, resources, and infrastructure.


We provide training for each of our product offerings as well as customised training for your specific needs. Our training services help you to:

  1. Get your eLearning initiative up and running more quickly
  2. Roll out the system (UpsideLMS or a custom solution we developed for you) across your organisation in a planned manner
  3. Prepare the right team of further trainers, administrators, and maintenance staff

Custom Learning Portals/Tools

When you don’t need a pre-built LMS or have requirement for custom tools, our team of skilled Java, PHP, and .NET resources can help create custom learning portals or tools for you. We have the expertise and experience in creating LCMS, Custom Assessment Portal, Risk Assessment tools, CD or USB-based mini LMS, and Custom Training Management Portals.

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