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Custom eLearning solutions for your unique needs

We recognise the uniqueness of your learning needs and strive to provide tailor-made eLearning solutions that impact behaviour and performance.

Interactive eLearning Courses

Interactive eLearning Courses

We develop eLearning courses that are carefully designed to meet instructional outcomes in the short term and performance outcomes in the long term. Our courses are compliant with standards such as SCORM, AICC and TIN CAN and run seamlessly on all standard systems.

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Simulations and Scenarios

Simulations and Scenarios

We recreate complex environments that mirror actual conditions or systems. These learning environments are created by leveraging instructional technology in order to let learners explore varied outcomes in a risk-free, real world environment.

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Simulation and Scenario‑Based Solutions

Scenario‒based learning is designed to put learners in a situation, introduce them to the issues and challenges in that situation, while giving them an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills relevant to it. Learners typically navigate through the scenario by choosing options and are given feedback based on their choices.

Simulations vary greatly in form and the learning outcome they target. They are best used for procedural knowledge and decision making skills.

We offer several types of simulations with varying degrees of fidelity:

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Simulations and Scenarios

Game‑based Learning

Our meticulously designed learning games will have your learners hooked. These well-designed games offer immersive, challenging, non–traditional & fun learning environments where learners practice knowledge & skill application and compete to attain defined learning outcomes.

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Game‑Based Solutions

We offer complete learning game design and development services that target a wide variety of learning and performance outcomes. We can identify whether a digital learning game can meet your learning needs, the type of digital game to be used to meet those needs, and also provide extensive game design guidance to freeze on design.

Our game-based solutions can be broadly categorised into two areas:

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Over 60 organisations trust us for their eLearning requirements

Over the last decade, we have helped a large number of clients of all sizes to stay ahead of the race with our wide range of custom eLearning solutions. In return we’ve not just won awards, we’ve won the most important thing ‒ their trust.

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