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Great Place to Work-Certified™

We at Upside Learning have been winning employees’ hearts ever since we began, but formal certifications certainly offer us an avenue to showcase our work culture and take pride in ‘how’ we do things around here. With this year’s award, we’ve scored a hat trick of winning the prestigious Great Place to Work certification. This recognition symbolizes the trust we enjoy from our employees and is a source of inspiration towards strengthening the organizational values. It also resonates with Upside’s motto to ‘Go Beyond’ the ordinary and create a positive and safe work environment.

The winning report captured the score judging on 5 dimensions viz. credibility of management, respect for people, fairness at the workplace, pride, and camaraderie between people.

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Framework for Gamified Induction - Thematic onboarding narratives to choose from

Go Beyond & build memorable experiences by boosting your new hires’ motivation and productivity through a thematic gamified induction framework. Shape the narrative of your induction and build engagement through themes ranging from space exploration to cyberpunk!


With workplaces experiencing a revolution like never before, every learning initiative matters a lot. L&D teams now need to put the maximum focus on making a business impact. But what does Go Beyond exactly mean?

Find out what Go Beyond means for us and the L&D community here.


Upside Learning, for the last 17 years have been providing learning solutions to organizations worldwide. Be it an Instructor-led Training, Learning Consultancy, Performance Support or Game based learning. Upside Learning strives to add value to every learning solution it creates, which has helped us to win 53 awards and several accolades.










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