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About Us
About Us

About Us

Making a business impact
through innovative solutions

Making a business impact through innovative solutions


From being service providers to supporting your L&D team in driving organizational performance

We’ve been in the digital learning space since 2004, and seen it evolve as the nature of work itself and workplaces continues to change. We are passionate about workplace learning and how we can support L&D and the organization at large in making a business impact.

What has remained constant since the company’s inception is our focus on creative and impactful solutions—whether defined as standalone digital learning solutions or a mixed bag of digital performance support solutions (think apps, games, quizzes, and much more!)—to help businesses empower their employees. We believe in most cases that learning delivered over time—like a campaign—is more effective than one-off events.

Our People

A multi-disciplinary team that believes in the power
of workplace learning solutions done right

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Our Focus

To deliver solutions that make a business impact

We are proud to partner with businesses in designing customized learning solutions or as learning and performance consultants in helping uncover how we can best support the business goals.

If you’ve identified a training intervention as the answer to a performance challenge or would like us to help drill down to what your employees need to work better and smarter, we make it our goal to Go Beyond the perceived need.

We see these interventions as more than just items in the L&D department’s to-do list. We see them as a means to an end, where the intervention serves to help employees work with more awareness of their roles in the big picture, in turn, making a positive impact on the business overall.

Our Guiding Principles

What steers us through solution design and solution delivery, and everything in between.

A keen eye on employee perspectives, and another on the business goals, we provide creative solutions rooted in sound Instructional Design principles and conceptualized as practical interventions that businesses can implement with ease.

With our Custom Learning Solutions team spanning specialized areas such as Instructional Design, Graphic Design, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Programming, and Quality Assurance, we are driven by these Guiding Principles in helping execute an idea as a workplace learning solution:

Our Guiding Principles

Crafting business-centric and employee-focused solutions

Our Guiding Principles

Making deliberate design decisions to craft meaningful digital experiences

Our Guiding Principles

Leveraging the right technology for the workplace context

Our Guiding Principles

Delivering a high-quality, impactful solution

Our Guiding Principles

With you through design, delivery, and beyond

To know more about our approach to solution design, visit our Learning Design philosophy page.


We create a wide range of customized workplace learning solutions including blended and standalone solutions across a multitude of contexts—compliance training, sales training, product training, process training, application training, soft skills and management training, technical training, induction training, and many more.

Each of our learning solutions is a unique combination of the instructional, visual, functional, and technological approaches that best meet the business goals and performance outcomes.

Over the years, we’ve worked on projects across different industries such as Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Banking and Finance, to name a few.


Solid relationships that keep us motivated

Over the years, we’ve partnered with several global businesses and industry leaders to work on unique solutions. We believe in the power of strong partnerships to grow together.

Awards & Recognition

A legacy of consistent wins and accolades

We’re thrilled to partner with diverse businesses to produce award-winning solutions—50 feathers in our cap so far!

Awards & Recognition Awards & Recognition
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Our Office Locations

We are expanding our global presence to serve our clients better—with our headquarters in India, we have a regional office in Singapore.

Pune, India.

Punakar Complex, Survey No-117, 1st Floor, Opposite Popular Nagar, Bangalore Pune Highway, Warje, Pune – 411058. Maharashtra, India.


160 Robinson Road
#20-03 SBF Center
Singapore 068914.

Tel: +91-20-2523 6050 / 51 / 52  |   Fax: +91-20-2523 6059

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