Upside Learning Sponsors ASTD Research Report – ‘Mobile Learning: Delivering Learning In A Connected World’

May 2012

Mobile Learning Delivering LearningASTD’s recently released research report on mLearning, titled ‘Mobile Learning – Delivering Learning in a Connected World’ is sponsored by Upside Learning. This report will provide organisations a view of the current status of mobile learning in the world, any roadblocks, and strategies to implement mobile learning in the workplace.

In today’s day and age where the expectation of connectivity has become ubiquitous in nearly every aspect of our daily lives, Mobile Learning provides an important means of learning possibilities that continue to evolve. Learning, priority communications and performance support using mobile devices is beginning to change the way L&D departments in organisations are evolving and will continue to evolve over the next 5 to 10 years. Through this report, organisations can get a view of the current landscape of Mobile Learning in a world in which the ubiquity of mobile devices seems to have created a perfect environment for delivering learning solutions to the mobile workforce, where or when they need it. More importantly, they can gain insights from the survey responses on implementing mobile learning in the workplace, gathered from interviews conducted with representatives of several organisations.

Speaking about the sponsorship, Amit Garg, Director of Custom Learning Solutions at Upside Learning, said, “The future of mobile learning and performance support is certainly very promising. As a company that has constantly strived to address the multifarious platforms in the technology space, Mobile Learning being one of the most important ones, this report resonates well with Upside Learning’s focus on this emerging learning methodology. We are pleased to extend our support to ASTD.”

The report can be downloaded from here.

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