Future Proof your eLearning


By early 2020, Flash will die!
Your eLearning shouldn’t.

With Adobe announcing that it will be ending support to Flash in 2020, it has become mandatory to migrate Flash based eLearning courses to HTML5. Though it may be a forced change, but this is also a good opportunity for you to future-proof your courses and make them responsive.

Why partner with us:

Strategic Support

We will help you define strategy around meaningful and purposeful migration of your legacy eLearning content. Based on your content history, we would propose whether a like-for-like conversion, a completely fresh approach, or a new format will be needed to get the desired learning impact that matches your budget.

Making eLearning Responsive

Some of your existing eLearning courses will be just right to make them responsive. We will help you do that with our contribution ranging right from appropriate Instructional Design inputs to complete and efficient development of those courses.

Authoring tool selection

We have extensively compared all the popular authoring tools and have published eBook and blogs detailing our studies. These continue to be an excellent resource for companies looking to choose the right authoring tool for their needs. We have also created an internal tool for ourselves. Leveraging on this expertise, we will help you find the right authoring tool for your Flash to HTML5 conversion needs.

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