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Job Openings

HTML Developer
Job Code ‒ HTMLDev 2 Positions



B.E / B.Tech / MCA / MCS / M.Sc (Computer Science)

  1. Languages and tools: HTML4/5, Javascript, JQuery(Mobile), CSS 2/3
  2. Platforms: Desktop (Windows, Mac), Mobile (iOS, Blackberry, Android)
Job Description:
  1. Ability to design intuitive site functionality, interactions, user interfaces, and navigation for cross–platforms (e.g., Mobile Devices, Tablets, Desktop / MAC).
  2. Ability to use best practices and latest web design trends in user interface design (e.g., responsive / adaptive design).
  3. Knowledge of how to transform .psd files and wireframes into web user interfaces according to design specifications.
  4. Good experience in Responsive Design Development.
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Project Leader
Job Code ‒ ProjectLead 4 Positions

0 - 2 Years



  1. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  2. Ability to understand customers' express and implied requirements about the solution
  3. Must possess leadership qualities
  4. Ability to engage hands-on in the project to motivate team and manage crisis situations
  5. Ability to anticipate and mitigate risks
  6. Ability to conceptualize IT solutions and understand new and old technology easily
Job Description:
  1. Gather project requirements from Business Analyst or client.
  2. Document the project requirements and define the Software Requirement Specifications.
  3. Take end-to-end ownership of the entire project.
  4. Knowledge of thorough documentation at various stages of the SDLC scope, Quality Assurance, Test Plans, Checklists for Developers, Design documentation, Client deliverables (status updates, Risk Analysis).
  5. Ability to handle Change Management during the project.
  6. Ability to manage payments and profitability of the project.
  7. Must possess team management skills (task allocation, motivation, productivity).
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QA (Content)
Job Code ‒ QA-Cont 2 Positions

1 – 2 years in the eLearning domain with good QA skills.


Any graduate or diploma holder. B.E. (Computer Science) preferred.

  1. Strong written and oral communication with good interpersonal skills
  2. Good statistical knowledge
  3. Testing skills in LoadRunner, Black Box Testing, Performance Testing, and Usability Standards
Job Description:
  1. Ability to create test plans and test cases, execute test cases, and analyze final results.
  2. Manage defect tracking, analyze and report, and assist in enhancements.
  3. Experience in working with eLearning tools such as LMS, ADL Test suite, and Web simulator.
  4. Ability to meet or exceed the expected quality of the project output and the usability standards.
  5. Coordinate with the development team and project leads, and estimate the time required for testing.
  6. Willingness to perform other duties as and when required.
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2D Animator
Job Code ‒ 2D-Animtr 1 Positions

2 - 3 Years


Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts or Equivalent

  1. 2-3 years of professional animation experience
  2. Character animation
  3. Motion graphic animation (Intro animation)
  4. Audio integration
  5. Special effects
Tools Expertise Required:
  1. Flash (Advance)
  2. Photoshop (Intermediate/Advance)
  3. After Effects (Intermediate/Advance)
  4. Sound Forge/Audacity (Intermediate)
  5. HTML (Intermediate)
  6. XML (Basic)
Job Description:
  1. Ability to engage in project production and develop animations where illustrations / Flash work as part of deliverables on project(s).
  2. Adhere to defined guidelines and set processes for the project and work with Team Leader.
  3. Upgrade skills constantly and demonstrate willingness to grow.
  4. Ability to take responsibility for all creative / design activities as per project requirements.
  5. Ability to work independently on the brief from concept to design.
  6. Ability to ensure that the designs meet the clients' design guidelines.
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Instructional Designer
Job Code ‒ ID 2 Positions

1 - 3 Years


Bachelor's degree in English / Journalism / Mass communication or related field; Master's degree along with a degree related to Instructional Design / Technology preferred.

  1. Excellent written and oral skills in English
  2. Self-motivated
  3. Strong ability to understand content on a variety of technical and non-technical topics
  4. Ability to communicate thoughts and ideas to development teams
  5. Knowledge of MS Word / MS Office; good grasping capability
Job Description:
  1. Develop storyboards in line with project–specific and client standards & guidelines.
  2. Make client–supplied storyboards production ready by clearly interpreting and completing them, wherever required.
  3. Study content on technical and non–technical topics, including medical, financial, etc., identify key points, and formulate grammatically correct and concise on-screen text.
  4. Search for relevant visuals that support key messages in content.
  5. Ensure that output pages communicate the desired learning message.
  6. Compile content and restructure / rewrite / summarize it as needed.
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Sr. Instructional Designer
Job Code ‒ SrID 1 Position

3 - 5 Years


Any Graduate. Candidate with a Degree / Diploma / Certificate in Journalism or Mass Communication or English Literature or Instructional Design / Instructional Technology or Education preferred.

  1. Excellent English language and writing
  2. Strong content analysis
  3. Strong grasping capability
  4. Creativity, meticulousness, and planning
  5. Monitoring
  6. Reviewing
  7. Business communication
  8. Very good working knowledge of MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel
Job Description:
  1. To plan, co-ordinate, and monitor instructional design tasks on multiple projects.
  2. To provide guidance to Instructional Designers and Associate Instructional Designers.
  3. To conduct initial analysis for potential new client or projects and provide inputs for creating proposals – this will include definition of instructional approaches with corresponding effort estimations for ID tasks.
  4. To review storyboards and provide feedback and training to Instructional Designers and Associate Instructional Designers.
  5. To carry out organisational (non-project) tasks such as writing for the company projects portfolio.
  6. To work on all instructional design tasks for demos.
  7. To support project / business managers in communication related to (new) clients or projects.
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HTML Developer (Content Marketing)
Job Code ‒ HTMLDev 1 Position

1 - 2.5 Years


B.E/ B.Tech / MCA / MCS / M.Sc (Computer science)

  1. Languages and tools: HTML4 / 5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS 3, Classic ASP or JSP or PHP
  2. Ability to develop intuitive site functionality, interaction, user interfaces, and navigation
  3. Ability to develop for cross-platform (e.g. Mobile Devices, Tablets, Desktop / MAC)
  4. Ability to develop JavaScript plugins
  5. Knowledge of database like SQL Server and MySQL
  6. Proven experience in using the best practices and the latest web development trends (e.g. Responsive/Adaptive Design)
  7. Decent written English
Job Description:
  1. Maintain company website, blog, and internal applications.
  2. Develop (and test) emailers and newsletters on bulk mailing software.
  3. Create landing pages and new database as required.
  4. Run query to fetch database records as required.
  5. Convert .psd files and wireframes into web user interfaces according to design specifications.
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