Enable your Sales Team to Go Beyond
With the right Sale Enablement Strategy

The fact that we’re currently functioning in a highly competitive and dynamic market is no longer news. Customers are better educated about everything from technology to business markers and analytics, than what we’ve experienced historically.

These evolving buyer dynamics have changed the nature of sales, and more and more organizations are realizing that they need to relook at the nature of support they’re providing to their sales teams.

Support for today’s sales practitioners needs to come in the form of material that fine tunes selling skills to buying preferences, in a format that’s easy to consume on-the-go.

At Upside Learning, we believe that the solution lies in adopting a framework that allows for constant material updates; in other words, keeping our ears to the ground to collate feedback from the field, and adapt learning material to it constantly.

As a means to increasing awareness about this central function of Sales Training, and helping translate it to the wider industry, Upside Learning is proud to sponsor and develop resources that help you decode Sales Training, and its role in Sales Enablement. Please explore some of these resources below.

Webinar - Leveraging Training to Go Beyond with Sales Enablement

Whether you’re looking at launching a new training program, improving your onboarding process, or working to move a key metric, the trick is to optimize content creation and deployment for maximum results. In this webinar Matthew Hawk, Ph.D., VP of Instructional Design & Training Delivery at Synchrony, will lay out a schematic for Sales Enablement, and demonstrate where training should fit in your overall strategy.

Research Report - ATD’s Sales Onboarding: Launching Productivity

Sales Teams always need to be at the top of their game - both in terms of knowledge and skills - to cope with the evolving demands of today’s buyers. To make this happen, organizations need to be rigorous and focussed while hiring, training, developing, and retaining their sales force. We bring to you a new research report by Association for Talent Development (ATD), which can assist your Learning and Development teams and your sales practitioners to align sales training to overall organizational goals.

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Webinar - Go Beyond with Sales Training

In this webinar we share insights & strategies to help you Go Beyond the traditional approaches, with sales training programs. Our focus will be on how to optimize content & training as part of sales enablement initiatives. We will also share some successful examples of how progressive businesses are getting it right.

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