Learning challenges that inspired us to Go Beyond
  • World Bank Main Message Up Front

    The World Bank Group’s ‘Main Message Upfront’

    The Challenge
    Conveying best practices to help employees improve their writing skills—previously a 2-hour long training

    Our Go Beyond Solution—a fully responsive, exercise-based training
    A robust learning solution to help trigger decision-making that drives effective communication, through the use of exercises designed with rich contexts and details to mimic reality

    Benefits of the Solution

    • Being instrumental in triggering employees’ thought process
    • Delivering an easily-assimilable, mobile-friendly learning intervention (25-minute duration)
    • Providing the flexibility to attempt only an assessment, to employees who are confident about the content
  • World Bank Main Message Up Front

    Learning for Behaviour Change

    The Challenge
    Conveying a strong message for employee safety to impress upon them the need to follow safety measures and to be able to intelligently and correctly respond to ‘live’ situations where safety hazards may be spontaneously created

    Our Go Beyond Solution—a 6-month compliance campaign
    A series of interventions to support and sustain a ‘Safety First’ culture in an organization

    Benefits of the Solution

    • Creating a foundation for sustained effort
    • Being measurable and aligned to business priorities
    • Creating a foundation for impacting culture, behaviour and attitudes
  • jangro

    Jangro’s Support for Front Line Staff with Just–in-time Learning Bytes

    The Challenge
    Facilitating product training for employees with on-demand access to relevant information

    Our Go Beyond Solution—a QR code app
    A training tool to help employees and dealers with the required information simply by processing a product's QR code to access the relevant training/information (including product user guides)

    Benefits of the Solution

    • Ensuring simplicity of the training tool for ease of use
    • Providing on-demand access to information
    • Facilitating information retrieval whether in office or on the move