Amit Garg, Co-founder and Director of Upside Learning, interviewed by Digital Learning

February 2009
Amit Garg

In an interview to Digital Learning magazine, Amit Garg, Co-founder and Director of Upside Learning Solutions, talked about the company’s remarkable journey since its inception to becoming the fastest growing eLearning company in India. In a short span of four years, Upside Learning has received recognition from Deloitte and Red Herring, and has bagged three Apex Awards.

Amit stated that the key to Upside’s success has been its focus on providing great solutions at great prices. He also shared his views about the eLearning industry and its prospective growth in India and worldwide. He expressed his optimism on eLearning ‘gaining’ from the economic downturn and stressed the importance of innovation to make it more effective and engaging.

When discussing future plans, Amit said that Upside Learning is targeting 100% growth for the next couple of years. He also added that Upside will now be shifting its focus towards launching new products and updating the versions of existing products.

Click here to view a scanned copy of the interview, or here to read it on Digital Learning’s website.