Upside Learning partners with Axial Training to deliver Construction Induction Training in Australia

July 2010

With a view to ensuring the safety of construction workers and to make them aware of the imperative construction safety guidelines and processes, Upside Learning, in association with Axial Training, has successfully developed a construction induction training course.

Axial’s business objectives centered on providing an accredited safety-training course for the Construction Industry. The course is a mandatory requirement for any employee requiring access or employment to a construction site in Australia. At Axial our goal was to ensure all learners irrespective of language and or literacy levels could attempt and gain knowledge in the course.

Sandra ElliottLearning and Development Manager
Axial Training

A general OHS induction course providing basic knowledge about relevant laws, common hazards and risks likely to be encountered on construction sites, the aim of this course was to serve as a pre-requisite to undertaking any construction-related task on a site. The online version of the course was already available, however Axial Training was keen on offering eLearning courses that were high on engagement and interaction.

Keeping in line with Axial Training’s requirement, Upside Learning designed the course so as to offer the learners situations showing various activities being carried out (correctly and incorrectly). Learners are needed to identify whether or not the actions are correctly implemented, what specific aspects are right or wrong, what should have been done to ensure safety, etc. Inclusion of simple scenarios allows learners to apply OHS concepts and guidelines in hypothetical situations. The course also has full audio narration closely synched with on-screen text and visuals.

Few courses have also been created to bring about awareness of various legal requirements as defined by government authorities.

With our previous experience of designing safety courses, we could easily identify Axial Training’s unique requirements and challenges. We have taken steps to ensure that the course is both, engaging and intuitive to the learners.

Amit GargDirector of Content Solution
Upside Learning

About Axial Training

Axial Group is a Queensland based group of companies, providing technical education and training, skilled personnel hire, and recruitment services.

With a list of notable achievements, it has evolved into a major partner for businesses in the industrial and resources sectors, and enjoys consistent growth and success in its state-wide provision of vocational training and through our technical college.

Expertise is delivered through providing:

  1. Training in Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  2. College education in Certificates and Diplomas
  3. Recruitment of skilled technical personnel
  4. Contract hire of experienced tradespeople and labor
  5. Performance audits and consultation

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