Upside Learning Postulates The Future Of Mobile Learning In A Presentation At MobiMOOC 2012

October 2012
Technology evolves at a fantastic rate, so it’s important that people take this with a pinch of salt. We often see technologies fail before mass–market acceptance, and those elements of technology never make it into our hands. The success of a technology depends on its mainstream adoption, which in turn depends on a lot of factors not necessarily linked to the quality or utility of the technology. It is also likely that we may have missed some elements of mobile technology that is still emerging. However, given the current state of technology, we think the trends discussed stand a good chance of coming to mass-market fruition and will definitely impact learning.

Abhijit KadleSenior Manager – Instructional Design
Upside Learning

The Corporate Mobile Learning Week at the recently concluded MobiMOOC 2012, saw some insightful presentations from the Director of Custom Learning Solutions at Upside Learning – Amit Garg. Amit, who was the course coordinator for this week, shared his expertise on mobile learning, and its role and necessity in the corporate world today. As a part of this week, Amit, together with Abhijit Kadle, Sr. Manager – Instructional Design at Upside Learning, postulated the future of mobile learning through a presentation.

Encapsulating technologies that will impact/affect the future of mobile learning and learning in general, the presentation identifies four key technology areas that will impact learning in the future. Further, it is structured to show technological impacts in the distant future, the near future and those making impacts starting now and extending into the immediate future.

The four key technology areas are:

  1. Big data, huge quantities of user generated content and sophisticated curation
  2. Ubiquitous and pervasive computing
  3. Social (human) and Machine networks
  4. The Semantic Web and Intelligent Agents