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LMS: Build Vs Buy - A Decision Paradigm
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Presentation: Instructional Design And The Six Thinking Hats
Case Study

eBook On Project Leadership For
Kindle 2
Upside Learning In A Flash Industry Sightings
Adobe’s Flash Announcement: A Tipping Point For Mobile Learning In 2012?
E-learning To Help Tackle Drug Use In 2012 Olympics
Upside Learning In News
Strengthening Our Team
Assisting Hospitality Industry Employees Through An eLearning Course
Spreading Our Channel Partner Network
From The Director’s Desk
It’s the time of the year when the air carries the happy jingle of Santa’s bells and the world celebrates the dawn of a new year. For us at Upside Learning‚ it marks a time to look back on the days gone by and celebrate the awards we won‚ heights we scaled and hurdles we overcame. But more than these‚ it’s the time to celebrate the relationship we share with you – our readers. As we get ready to welcome the New Year‚ we wish for you a holiday that sparkles with love‚ laughter and goodwill‚ and a year that is full of contentment and joy.

Coming to this issue of Upside Learning Buzz‚ we give you a taste of everything – LMS‚ Mobile Learning‚ Custom eLearning‚ Instructional Designing and more. Wait no more‚ take a dive right in.

Once again‚ wish you a happy and an enlightening new year.

Amit Garg
Director - Custom eLearning Solutions

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LMS: Build Vs Buy – A Decision Paradigm

Is getting a system tailor-made for your learning requirements more beneficial or is an off-the-shelf package more cost-effective? Which model suits which requirement and why? We understand that these questions run through your mind more often than not. You might be reassured to know that we think about this a lot too.

We have tried to answer most of the questions you generally face while switching or buying a new LMS‚ pertaining to the cost implications‚ time-to-market‚ risks and mitigation. We hope your buying decision will be simplified after a quick read through of this blog post.
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Presentation: Instructional Design And The Six Thinking Hats

Every eLearning company will tell you how important Instructional Designing is to the development of quality courses. And we will tell you a story no different.

We have compiled a short presentation that will explain Dr. Edward de Bono’s 6 Hats methodology - detailing the significance of each hat‚ mapping it to Instructional Design and finally applying the process to get results.

View now.
  Case Study

eBook On Project Leadership For Kindle 2

Over the years‚ we have developed a number of mobile learning solutions for various mobile devices spanning various platforms. We have recently developed an eBook for Kindle 2 for Process Management International (PMI)‚ a leading business consultancy and training institute.

In this case study we look at the process and the technology in which the eBook was developed. We also look at the business benefits that PMI derived from our solution.
  Industry Sightings

Adobe’s Flash Announcement: A Tipping Point For Mobile Learning In 2012?

A couple of weeks back Adobe announced that they are ending further development of their popular Flash plugin technology for use in mobile device browsers. This might be a “tipping point” in the evolution of mobile learning which will set off a chain reaction starting with HTML5-based courses and performance support content becoming as reliable and future-proof as other mobile learning formats. Learn More.

E-learning To Help Tackle Drug Use In 2012 Olympics

E-learning modules for the Olympic and Paralympic Games have been announced which will provide packages educating users on the benefits of sport and fitness‚ as reported by PJ Online. Learn More.
  Upside Learning In News

Strengthening Our Team

We are adding a few‚ actually a lot more‚ heads to our team.

With new solutions added to our portfolio‚ swift expansion of our customer and partner-base in several geographies across the globe‚ we have been riding on a consistent growth wave for the last few quarters. To meet these growth demands‚ we are looking to increase our team size by about 20% over the next quarter.

While most of these positions are based in India‚ we also are scouting for contract IDs and Learning Consultants located in any geography.

For the above mentioned positions and other openings‚ visit our Job Openings section and apply now.
  Assisting Hospitality Industry Employees Through An eLearning Course

We have always prided ourselves as one of the leading names in Custom eLearning Development. And now with one of the leading training providers in the hospitality industry‚ the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (EI)‚ selecting us to develop an eLearning course‚ our position is strengthened more so.

We have developed a 10-module interactive eLearning course on Front Office Operations Management in association with EI. This course will assist hospitality industry employees‚ who either have been promoted to or are preparing for the role of Front Office Manager‚ get ready for this challenging management role.

Learn more about this association
  Spreading Our Channel Partner Network

Back in June we had announced our Partnership Programs for UpsideLMS and Upside2Go. Today‚ 6 months down the line‚ our partner network has spread far and wide‚ covering diverse geographies. A new addition to our network is Empresa Web‚ a leading provider of Internet solutions.

As a channel partner for our multi award-winning Learning Management System‚ UpsideLMS‚ Empresa Web will be responsible for developing new business‚ and reselling UpsideLMS to its clients in Venezuela and Latin America.

Learn more about this association.

  Upside Learning In A Flash

A recognized leader in training outsourcing‚ we are one of the leading names in Custom eLearning‚ Learning Management System (LMS) and Mobile Learning Solutions the world over. For over 7 years‚ our award-winning solutions and services have enabled 150+ clients from a diverse set of industries and countries manage their learning easily and effectively.

Our solutions and services portfolio includes:
  1. Custom eLearning Development
  2. Mobile Learning Solutions
  3. UpsideLMS - Our multi-award winning‚ best value Learning Management System
  4. Upside2Go - Our revolutionary platform for Mobile Learning
  5. Catalog Courses
  6. Technical Support Services
  7. UpsideLMS Administrative Services
Get a detailed overview of our solutions and services.

Bell‚ Tyco Learning‚ Ensco‚ Kraft Asia‚ L’Oreal‚ Australian Aerospace‚ L&T‚ HDFC are few of our prestigious clients managing their learning with our solutions and services. Read some of our client testimonials or read some case studies.

Last but not the least - Awards. We have been consistently picking up awards and other recognition every year‚ including the most recent‚ 5 Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Technology Awards (2010) for UpsideLMS and inclusion of Upside Learning in Training Industry’s ‘2010 Top 20 Learning Portal Companies List’. See all our awards and recognitions.

PS: If video is your kind of thing‚ here’s a short AV that will give you a sneak peek into our company in just 60 seconds.
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