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Issue 34
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Learning Solutions
Conference & Expo

March 19-21 |Orlando, Florida, USA
ASTD ICE 2014 International
Conference & Exposition

May 4-7 |Washington, DC, USA
We will tell you how much it is worth. Well we can't be that precise, but this should give you some idea about the importance of video-based learning.
Videos make up 53% of the internet traffic today
After 72 hours, an average human can retain 95% of video as opposed to 10% of text
Mobile Video has grown by 5000% in last 3 years
72% of the audience are likely to have a greater understanding when shown a video
Content Offer
'Short animated videos' can be a powerful way for your organization to meet its learning objectives effectively and rapidly as it provides targeted messaging/learning and performance support to your employees. Have a look at our introductory offer:
Note: Duration of each video will be 2 minutes
If you would like to know more, simply 'get in touch' with us and we'll set a demo for you.
* All prices are quoted in American Dollars.

Exciting Offer
  Providing Performance Support
Just Got Easier!
3 Months Trial Offer For a limited time, Upside Learning has a unique opportunity to offer - a test drive of our multi-award winning mobile platform, Upside2Go.

Upside2Go delivers priority communication, just-in-time information, and performance support to an on-the-go workforce instantly on their mobile device. Its SCORM 1.2 compliant system further extends learner access to virtual performance support tools through on-demand access to experts.
From Our Blog
The Omnipresence Of Learning

Omnipresence Of Learning
The Aura Of Learning: Technology

Aura Of Technology
Over the years we have accepted and moved beyond the old concept that learning is best delivered and 'learned' formally. The advent of technology accelerated this and brought in new mediums and opportunities for the delivery of learning. Find out what they are and how we can harness these forms of learning. Following the previous article (to your left) on Pervasive Learning - 'The Omnipresence Of Learning', we now examine 'pervasive technology' and it's conscious and unconscious effect on learning...and look for ways to use the incredibly powerful 'aura' of knowledge within which we live and work.
What Did You Learn Today?

Omnipresence Of Learning
It's an innocuous and seemingly simple question - yet in reality it is one of the hardest to answer. You might probably find it easier to list the things you set out to learn, but what about all those other bits and pieces of information we assimilate throughout the day but don't label it as learning. The kind of knowledge & information that we don't always categorise as 'conscious learning' but pops in our head when we need it, How? Why?

Is Adobe EDGE Animate Ready For eLearning?

Aura Of Technology
As more and more eLearning development moves towards HTML, many of us can't escape that niggling wish for the richness and smoothness of Flash output. So any tool that offers a promise of similar output, but for HTML, with the same ease and flexibility definitely raises interest. Adobe EDGE Animate CC is one such tool.

View To Learn
Why Tablets Are
A Great Starting Point In Your mLearning Journey
We're passionate about mobile and tablet learning - as you would have noticed from several articles if you read our blog. We have been deeply intrigued by the slow uptake of mobile learning in spite of the huge potential it presents. In some of our articles, we've noted that while the potential is easy for all to see, the path to implementation is not bereft of challenges. That's why we continue to feel that tablets are a great first step towards mLearning. Here is a short animated video on why tablets are a great starting point in your mLearning journey. Check it out! Amit Garg Video
Upcoming Webinar
Creating Responsive eLearning With FRED
Join us as we discuss one of the top eLearning trends predicted for 2014 - Responsive eLearning. We will discuss the need for multi-device learning in today's world and how a responsive design effectively addresses this need. We'll tell you about some of the challenges we faced while creating responsive courses, from Instructional & Graphic Design, Programming, QA and Project Management point of view. We will also be introducing you to FRED, our Framework for Responsive eLearning Development, and explain how it is an efficient solution for developing custom responsive eLearning. FRED Webinar
Presenters: Amit Garg Amit Garg
Director and Co-founder,
Upside Learning
Geera Bellare Geera Bellare
AVP - Learning Design,
Upside Learning
Date & Time: 4th March 2014   3:00 PM (London Time)
10:00 AM (New York Time)
  5th March 2014 4:00 PM (Sydney Time)
10:30 AM (Delhi Time)
Upside Learning In News
  Upside Learning In The Top 5 In The Learning Technologies 2014 Exit Poll
EXIT POLL Upside Learning made a big impression at the Learning Technologies 2014 event in London last month. It was rated as the number 1 company by visitors for 'having the most profitable conversation with' and number 5 whose material people remembered putting into their showbags.
  Upside Learning Enters The EU Market At LEARNTEC, Germany
LEARNTEC Germany Upside Learning made its European debut at the LEARNTEC event in Germany from 4-6 February 2014.
Industry Sightings
Worldwide Mobile Learning Revenues Will Double By 2017

The worldwide market for Mobile Learning products and services reached $5.3 billion in 2012 according to a new report by Ambient Insight called the “The 2012-2017 Worldwide Mobile Learning Market.” The five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 18.2% and revenues will more than double to $12.2 billion by 2017.
Read more.

2014 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report

Patti Shank explores trends in eLearning pay worldwide and looks at how variables such as company size, number of people managed, years of eLearning experience, and years of education influence salary. She also provides a salary calculator to help readers compute baseline salaries with their own unique variables.
Read more.

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We are a leading provider of learning technology solutions. Our solutions and services portfolio includes a range of learning solutions tailor-made to organizations of different sizes and types. It comprises -

UpsideLMS Upside2Go Custom eLearning Custom mLearning
A Multi Award Winning Learning Management System Mobile Platform For Performance Support Tailor-Made Solutions For Desktops and Laptops Tailor-Made Solutions For Smartphones and Tablets

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