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Issue 46
Learning Solutions 2015
March 25-27 | Orlando, Florida, USA
Stand # 417  
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ATD ICE 2015
May 17-20 | Orlando, Florida, USA
Stand # 109
Multi-device Testing Lab
Testing Multi-device eLearning made Reliable with Multi-device Testing Lab

In today's Multi-device world, with multiple operating systems, browsers, connectivity modes and the likes, ensuring that your learning resource is tested for accuracy of content, ease of use, instructional integrity, technological soundness and user satisfaction across all devices is crucial. Our 'Multi-device Testing Lab' ensures that your learning resource fits the requisites and provides your users a seamless learning experience, on the device of their choice. Get in touch with us to learn how.

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Mobile Learning for Single Location Enterprise

Mobile Learning for Single Location Enterprise

A well-known retailer with a decent training setup, involved in induction and other compliance training, yet to venture into eLearning, but wishes to get started with mobile learning now. Does that sound odd? Maybe not.

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What's the USP of Learning Technology Company?

What's the USP of Learning Technology Company?

In this world of Internet where companies from around the globe compete with each other, barriers to starting a new company have almost vanished. In such a world, it is important to have the USP of Your Company well-defined.

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Multi-device Testing Challenges
Webinar Recording:
Multi-device Testing - Challenges, Considerations and Solutions

With the increasing number and variants of devices in the market, eLearning solutions need to work seamlessly across a broad range of devices, screen sizes, operating systems and platforms. This webinar reveals the need for multi-device testing and the challenges involved in testing responsive eLearning on multiple combinations.

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Designing Testing Delivering eLearning in Multi-device world

Tips for Designing, Testing and Delivering eLearning in a
Multi-device World

It's a Multi-device world! And the eLearning goal is to create, test and deliver content that can be consumed on-the-go at the point-of-need. Check out our compilation of tips for the development, testing and delivery of eLearning courseware.

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Learning in a Multi-device World

Join our informative webinar to gain insights on designing, testing and delivering eLearning in a Multi-device world.

25th February
10:30 AM (New Delhi Time)
4:00 PM (Sydney Time)
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25th February
2:00 PM (London Time)
9:00 AM (New York Time)
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MLA initiates eLearning with a Flash-based course developed by Upside Learning

Upside Learning created a Flash-based multi-module demonstrative course on the Collaborative Marketing program introduced by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).

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Product Demo

We are showcasing our all new, Responsive LMS live! Join us for a free demo session as we take you on a tour and reveal the new features & functionalities that UpsideLMS has to offer.

24th February
10:30 AM (New Delhi Time)

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The 2015 Learning Technologies Conference Backchannel: Curated Resources #LT15UK
Upside Learning is a leading provider of learning technology solutions. We help over 200 organisations across the world to create, deliver and manage their learning and performance improvement programmes through:
  • UpsideLMS - A Best Value, Responsive Learning Management System
  • Custom eLearning - Tailor-made Solutions for Desktops and Laptops
  • Custom mLearning - Tailor-made Solutions for Smartphones and Tablets
  • FRED - Framework for Responsive eLearning Development

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