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Issue 26
Events 8 ways to get MORE out of your LMS
Free Webinar  |  9th July 2013, 11 AM–12 Noon IST  |  Register Now
Performance Support On The Go Is Now Priceless

Soon after releasing Upside2Go’s latest version, we have now unveiled new pricing plans for this performance support platform. With this, Upside2Go not only makes the delivery of learning and performance support materials to your mobile workforce easy, it makes it priceless too!

Performance Support On The Go Is Now Priceless
From Our Blog
eLearning - Responsive & Responsible

eLearning - Responsive & Responsible

Responsive Web Design (RWD) has taken the eLearning industry by storm. But before you blindly adopt this technology for your eLearning courseware it is important to evaluate whether you really need it. To ensure the instructional integrity of the courseware on all devices, it is important to use responsive design responsibly.

How To mEnable Your eLearning

How To mEnable Your eLearning

The world is going mobile and so is the future of workplace learning. Organizations are now trying to find ways to put (or even push) some of their existing eLearning courseware onto mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, and everything in between). The first step towards achieving this is by moving all the legacy eLearning to tablets – that is, mEnabling it. We tell you how.

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Free eBook
Getting More Out Of Your LMS: 10 Pointers
Free eBook- Getting More Out Of Your LMS: 10 Pointers

Taking simple steps can help you inch towards a position where your LMS not only delivers a streamlined training, but also brings more value, more ROI and more reach to the overall L&D program. Download our free eBook to find out how you can derive more value out of your existing or new LMS via 10 simple pointers.

8 ways to get MORE out of your LMS

An LMS of today has many innovative features which enable it to embrace a larger role in conducting and managing the day–to–day training activities in an organization. Utilizing all these features to the optimum can help you in getting ‘more’ out of your LMS. Be it generating ‘more’ ROI through cost savings, implementing ‘more’ ways to reach the learners or facilitating ‘more’ conversations via social learning and knowledge sharing, the webinar will highlight 8 different ways for getting ‘more’ benefits from your LMS.


Amit Gautam Amit Gautam
Director and Co–founder,
Upside Learning
Amol Shinde Amol Shinde
AVP Sales, India,
Upside Learning
9th July  |  11 AM–12 Noon IST
Upside Learning In News
  Upside Learning Renews Its
Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme Membership

A year after joining Towards Maturity’s Ambassador Programme, we have renewed our membership for another year, and will be supporting the research organization in conducting the Benchmark Survey for 2013. We invite you join 2200 other organizations in this comprehensive survey, which runs until 13th July.

Upside Learning Renews Its Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme Membership
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Industry Sightings
Bitkom Says 50% Of Germans Have Used eLearning

German ICT industry group, Bitkom, has found that one in two people aged 14 to 44 years old had used eLearning, and one in three has installed educational apps on her or his mobile device.
Read more.

Digital English Language Learning Market Booming In Asia

According to Ambient Insight’s report, Asia has the highest growth rate for digital English language learning products in the world and is poised to remain the top buying region throughout the forecast period.
Read more.

Tablets Lag Behind In Africa For eLearning

Laptops and mobile phones are the most popular new learning devices in Africa, with tablets only being used regularly by 20 percent of eLearning practitioners, according to the eLearning Africa Report 2013.
Read more.

Upside Learning In A Flash

We are a leading provider of learning technology solutions. For over 8 years‚ we have been helping 150+ organizations from a diverse set of industries and countries to manage their learning easily and effectively.

Our solutions and services portfolio includes a range of learning solutions tailor–made to organizations of different sizes and types. It comprises –


A best value Learning Management System


A revolutionary Mobile Learning platform

Custom Learning Solutions

Tailor–made solutions for your learning needs

Catalog Courses

Wide range of ready–to–use courses


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