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Issue 38
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June 24-26, San Diego, California
Performance Support Symposium
September 8-9, Boston, Massachusetts

UpsideLMS, our Learning Management System, helps you deliver cutting-edge blended learning programs combining eLearning, Mobile Learning, Classroom Training, Virtual Classroom, Social Learning & Knowledge Collaboration.

UpsideLMS blends better with the amount of flexibility and ease offered to the administrator to blend or group different methods of learning to provide a well-rounded, engaging and streamlined learning experience for users. And the awards we have won are a testimony to that.

Creating Responsive eLearning with FRED
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  So experience the power of blended learning in the best value LMS that promises to deliver MORE!
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5 Reasons Why Performance Support & Mobile Is A Match Made In Heaven

Mobile Learning Sustain Interest

6 Things LMS Needs To Do Survive And Thrive In The Mobile-First Times

Companies Using Mobile Technology

It is the period after training where employees need continued support on the job, and delivering performance support tools on mobile technology might just be the thing we need. LMSs need to adapt fast in this mobile learning technology age. But how? Let us take a look at the six things that come to mind which LMSs need to do to achieve this goal.
Top 10 Ways people Are Using Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning Sustain Interest

The question we are usually asked is - how are your clients leveraging mobile learning technology? With that in mind, here is the top 10 list of how mobile learning is being deployed.
Blended Learning - Is The Right Move For You

Mobile Learning Sustain Interest

To decide if Blended Learning is really the right move for your organisation, you have to first assess your existing learning and training strategies. Ask yourself the following questions...
How Do We Tech Support Our Customers: Top 7 Things We Do

Mobile Learning Sustain Interest

We decided to do a quick reality check on how we, at Upside Learning, support our customers on UpsideLMS and Upside2Go platforms. Here are the top 7 things we have tried to do to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.
I Need To Convert My Content To Mobile - Now What??

Mobile Learning Sustain Interest

A key factor in successfully converting content to mobile is having a well-defined content strategy. When this is in place, clients often find that a great deal of their content has value on a mobile platform.
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Blended Learning: The Way Ahead For An 'Always Learning' Organisation
The whitepaper goes in-depth on how organisations can harness the opportunities of leveraging blended learning through a Learning Management System (LMS). We also discuss the various learning tools which come under blended learning, together with diverse teaching methodologies and multiple channels needed to create an impactful learning experience for users. Mobile Learning Sustain Interest
Upcoming Webinar
Mobile Learning Sustain Interest Free Webinar:
Making Your Learning Mobile Enabled - Stories From The Trench

In an age where the world is moving towards mobile technology, join us as we help you get to the core of what mobile learning is and how to pursue it within your organisation.

Date:   2nd July 2014
Time:   12:30 PM (Sydney Time)
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Product Demo:

Be a part of our open live demo of our multi-award winning Learning Management System, UpsideLMS. The hour long demo will explore the ins and outs of UpsideLMS along with its key features and functionalities.

Date:   26th June 2014
Time: 11:00 AM (Delhi Time)
Product demo
Upside Learning In News
  Upside Learning & Responsive eLearning At mLearnCon 2014
Learning Solutions Upside Learning will be a featured exhibitor and presenter at The eLearning Guild's mLearnCon event, held at San Diego, California from June 24-27.
Industry Sightings
The Guardian: 10 Ways To Realise The Potential Of eLearning

Can eLearning really deliver an education revolution across the globe? Our panel of experts share their thoughts.
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Business Line: We Are Driving eLearning Solutions: Adobe India

Naresh Gupta, Senior Vice-President & Managing Director of Adobe Systems India, shares on how Adobe has gone through changes in the wake of the digital age over the last two years.
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Centre For Management & Organisation Effectiveness: The Top 50 Most Socially-Shared eLearning Blogs

It's that time of the year when we come up with the list of Top 50 Most Socially-Shared Learning & Development Blogs.
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eLearning Guild Research: How Should We Measure Training's Value? Not ROI

Some people think that doing return on investment (ROI) analysis is the answer. Carliner's article says that C-level execs emphasise perceptions over measures for a variety of reasons.
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