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Issue 49
Learning Technologies 2015 Summer Forum
Stand # 25
June 16 | London, UK
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Great Quality Learning, Greater Reliability

With 'great' quality comes 'great' learning experiences. Watch the video below to know what 'quality' means to us and how we ensure Great Custom Learning. We don't stop at good. We #DoGreat.
Custom Learning Solutions
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Mobile Learning for Single Location Enterprise

What Makes a Good Instructional Designer?

This question popped up in the course of a conversation recently, and had us all thinking. In the quest of answers we asked our team of instructional designers what they thought. They came up with many thoughts, amongst which these were the most common ones.

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The Recipe for Great Quality Custom Learning Solutions

The Recipe for Great Quality Custom Learning Solutions

As a leading provider of learning technology solutions, we often get questioned about the 'quality' of our solutions and services; what it means to us and how we ensure 'great'. Using an analogy of well cooked food, here's how we #DoGreat.

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Responsive eLearning with Captivate 8 - Our Experience

The Responsive eLearning with Captivate 8 - Our Experience

Version 8 of Captivate (CP8) has a whole new set of features like gesture-enabled mobile learning, geo-location support, MinMax object sizing, and much more. Here's our experience, so far, on working with this tool in terms of the features, capabilities, and constraints specifically for creating 'Responsive' eLearning.

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What's the USP of Learning Technology Company?

The 3Es to Great Value for Money Custom Learning Solutions

Choosing the right vendor for Custom Learning Development is not easy as it involves making an informed decision on various parameters. However, it eventually boils down to a value for money solution. Here are the 3E's that can help in getting best returns out of your custom learning projects.

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99 Tips for Great Custom Learning
99 Tips for Great Custom Learning

'Great' Custom Learning is the result of sound instructional design, visual sophistication and digital interaction supported by well-defined processes and project management. We leverage 11+ years of experience in developing 5000+ hours of Custom Learning and bring to you top tips across eLearning, mLearning and Responsive/Multi-device Learning, which will help other organisations to adopt and benefit from their Custom Learning initiatives.

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Designing Testing Delivering eLearning in Multi-device world

35 Inspirational Quotes on Learning - Presentation

Thought leaders from different fields have always put forward their ideas on how to inspire people to learn. Here's a compilation of some exceptional quotes supported by witty graphics, to recapture your interest in learning.

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Training Industry watch List
Upside Learning is one of the Leading Training Outsourcing Companies, as per 2015 Training Outsourcing Watch List

Training Industry Inc.'s recently announced 'Training Outsourcing Companies Watch List for 2015' features us alongside seven other companies from across the globe.

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Product Demo

We are showcasing our all new, Responsive LMS live! Join us for a free demo session as we take you on a tour and reveal the new features & functionalities that UpsideLMS has to offer.

26th May
7:30 PM (New Delhi Time)

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Mobile Learning Market Worth $37.60 Billion by 2020
Asia Mobile Learning Market Surges to $7.7 Billion by 2019
How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will Generate $150 billion in Revenue by 2020
India's eLearning Market Second Largest after US, says Report
Upside Learning is a leading provider of learning technology solutions. We help over 200 organisations across the world to create, deliver and manage their learning and performance improvement programmes through:
  • UpsideLMS - A Best Value, Responsive Learning Management System
  • Custom eLearning - Tailor-made Solutions for Desktops and Laptops
  • Custom mLearning - Tailor-made Solutions for Smartphones and Tablets
  • FRED - Framework for Responsive eLearning Development

Get to know us better by viewing our corporate video.

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