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Starting with this issue, Upside Learning's Buzz Newsletter will focus solely on custom learning solutions and services
Brandon Hall Awards, 2016: Silver and Bronze Excellence in Learning Medals

Upside Learning, together with two of our clients, won two medals in the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Awards.

We partnered with the Imperial College of London to create two eModules – Neurotransmitters and Neurodegenerative Diseases – that won a Silver in the Best Results of a Learning Program category. The eModules preceded classroom sessions and ensured that students went into these sessions with a strong understanding of the basics, thereby allowing teachers to focus on deeper, higher-level learning in the classroom.

We worked with the World Bank Group to create a practice-focused, fully responsive eLearning module to help analytical report writers as well as other non-technical staff to write more effectively by putting the Main Message Up Front. This module won a Bronze in the Best Advance in Custom Content category. By requiring learners to build up documents by selecting texts and then justifying their choices, we addressed nuances in writing and ensured that learners really thought about how principles were applied or whether certain characteristics were met.

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Cover of free eBook on eLearning Outsourcing

Free eBook on eLearning Outsourcing

We have encapsulated our 12+ years of experience as eLearning outsourcing partners to clients worldwide into a free eBook titled "eLearning Outsourcing 101".

This eBook provides a comprehensive view of outsourcing custom content development, from key drivers to success factors. You'll get to know why organisations are choosing to outsource their custom content requirements, what type of work to outsource, how to evaluate potential vendors, how to set up an effective development process and how to build a long-lasting buyer-provider relationship.

Light bulb surrounded by eLearning-related graphics illustrating the concept of innovation/what's new

"What's New" Blog Series Launched

We recently launched a "What's New" blog series, where we share information about tools and technologies, media, devices, strategies and methodologies, processes, industry insights or indeed anything of interest that we feel could be applied in the L&D domain.

We plan to publish a "What's New" compilation every quarter, and hope that it helps open up innovative thinking and ideas for learning solution components and programmes as well as for associated design and development activities.

Mouse, computer monitor, eMail envelope with paper coming out it, and browser and cloud graphics illustrating the eLearning Maintenance Updates newsletter

"eLearning Maintenance Updates" Newsletter Initiated

For our existing clients, we have introduced an "eLearning Maintenance Updates" newsletter. This newsletter is aimed at indicating how existing eLearning courses could be affected by tool, technology or other relevant changes or events, and providing guidance on how potential issues could be resolved.

Our maintenance updates newsletters may highlight issues that could be encountered when launching or viewing courses, together with possible solutions; information on tool/technology, browser or operating system upgrades, support, new features, etc; and how we can help fix or implement those.

Missed the launch issue? Let us know if you'd like to receive a copy of our first "eLearning Maintenance Updates" newsletter.

From our BLOG
Multiple devices and "Articulate 360" illustrating responsive eLearning with Articulate 360

Responsive eLearning with Articulate 360

Articulate 360, Articulate’s latest release, includes Storyline 360, an updated version of Storyline which has a responsive player for displaying content on smaller screens, and a responsive authoring tool (Rise).

A hand holding a smartphone with a no-connectivity symbol and a collage of graphics illustrating eLearning-related concepts

eLearning: Offline & Tracking – What Are Your Options?

This is the second of two posts about viewing and tracking eLearning in offline mode. The post looks at three possible ways to achieve this, and then evaluates whether some of the Responsive Authoring Tools available in the market can help provide a solution for any of these options. It also describes the solution that we have come up with for offline and tracking.

Logos of Adapt, Evolve, gomo, Elucidat, Captivate and Lectora

Authoring Tool/ Framework Selection for Responsive eLearning Development: Comparative Summary

The last post of our series on Responsive Authoring Tools presents a feature-wise comparison of Adapt, Evolve, gomo, Elucidat, Captivate 9 and Lectora 16. Features have been grouped under those design considerations that we felt could influence the choice of tool. If you plan to or are already exploring different tools, we hope this comparison will help you find the one that best fits your requirements.

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