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Making Work Seriously Fun

Making Work Seriously Fun


When we think ‘games’, we think: Curiosity. Challenges. Competitiveness. However, "Gamification" has long been a much-debated and often misunderstood concept in the world of learning. If you're looking at exploring true game-based solutions that go beyond points and badges, we might be able to help.

We have been exploring game-based learning to design immersive experiences, aid long-term habit building and behavioral changes, and build environments to support exploratory learning - all while keeping the engagement factor alive.

It Is All  Fun And Games – If You Have
A Clear View Of Your Goals

Think theory is boring? Our game based solutions are anchored in behavioral, learning, and game theory to create solutions that are just the opposite of that. We employ theory to identify your pain areas, and craft solutions that deliver results. By going beyond superficial symptoms, we help identify the root cause of for your organizational challenges, and address them through well-researched solutions that are tried and tested.

The Habit Loop for Behavioral Change

Exploring the “cue-routine-reward” loop to identify the triggers that are causing current behaviors, and using alternative rewards to mould those behaviors in the medium and long term.


Designing game experiences that focus on both the microflow (emotionally intense experiences that last for a short period of time but can repeat over time, building engagement) and macroflow (progression of the challenge to adapt to learners’ skills taking into account their long term goal or objectives) factors.

Self Determination Theory (SDT)

Building in elements of Competence (by creating optimum level of challenge and progression in effectiveness), Autonomy (through choices, rewards and non-controlling instructions), and Relatedness (by building a sense of connection with the concept, elements and content) to drive learners’ motivation, and enable long-term engagement.

Nudge Theory in Combination with Thinking Fast and Slow

Using well-thought out nudges for positive reinforcement to influence changes in behavior and decision making. The intent is to use optimal nudges that activate Fast (instinctive and emotional) and Slow (deliberative and logical) modes of thought to inspire both engaged involvement and deeper introspection.

Behavioral Model Inspired by the Octalysis Framework

Inculcating BJ Fogg’s behavioral model [Behavior = Motivation + Ability + Trigger (Prompt)] into our game design by bringing in well thought out mechanics for learner motivation, creating simple designs that facilitate building of learner ability, and including creative triggers for habit building and deep learning.


Designing learning experiences that go beyond ‘surface’ learning—by employing active step-by-step construction of new knowledge that builds on learners’ existing experience and understanding of the content.


The Challenge

Inspiring behavioral changes at an organization level through engagement, and not forced learning.

Our Solution

A campaign-style approach that familiarizes employees with company values with a sustained impact.

A gamified 52-week long intervention designed to encourage learners to “live” the values, instead of learning them by rote.

Benefits of the Solution

Building habits and creating the basis for behavioral changes by consistently drip-feeding content for consumption and practice.

Creating a wholesome experiential learning opportunity by providing employees with the right in-experience motivation.

Inspiring long-term sustained interest by harnessing the benefits of micro-learning through a unique combination of content nuggets to keep momentum and interest.

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The Challenge

Designing a solution to help learners inculcate the Code of Conduct not just in words but in spirit too, and enable them to make ethical decisions in challenging situations.

Our Solution

A year-long learning program to communicate, explain, exemplify and reinforce the values of the Code with the use of multiple gamified components such as scenarios, leadership videos, group talks, emailers, posters and more.

Benefits of the Solution

A long-term learning solution to allow learners time and opportunities to fully commit to the Code and internalize the principles.

A gamification-based solution with a competitive scoring pattern to engage and motivate learners throughout their learning journey.

A series of mini-scenarios, mapped to different codes, that test and illustrate correct application of the principles in work-related contexts.

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The Challenge

Finding an engaging solution to present tedious content related to internal compliance training.

Our Solution

A fun digital game inspired by board games, steeped in a tried and tested ‘game-based learning’ approach.

A game-based journey, that brings in the aspects of challenge and engagement to mandatory compliance training.

Benefits of the Solution

An engrossing way for the learners to breeze through serious content, without missing out on crucial learning points.

An adaptable solution that helps businesses introduce a culture of compliance within the organization in a meaningful way.

A personalized game-based journey designed to make dry policy subjects easily palatable.

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