We've heard of games
and gamification

in learning for
more than a decade.

Many experiments and multiple failures later, games and gamification in workplace have still survived.

Now, it's time for them to thrive.

And we are on a mission to explore why! eBooks, interviews, webinars and many other resources have been curated to guide you through this beautiful journey!

Building games and gamified experiences is a craft that we're extremely serious about.

We're aware of the impact that they have on the learning and satisfaction of the players, and how immense that is from a modern learning perspective.

However, having said that, the unique craft of gamified learning experiences is widely known of, but is barely really known. Our designers have spent years together to hone this craft, and with their permission, we want to share with you the tidbits of our recipe to the secret sauce that is modern gamified workplace learning.

It all begins with getting clarity on the business, the learners and the learning problem you're trying to solve. You have to research, probe and be willing to sound absolutely stupid in front of people to get at least more than 90% clarity on the actual problem. Once we have a clearly defined business learning problem, we can then move on to the second step.

We let this problem simmer and brew in our heads and as it comes to a boil we craft a strong narrative that helps us give a structure to this problem, a narrative that takes us from the business world to the game world. This narrative usually ends up becoming the soul of the learning experience.

Next, we carefully choose the learning theories that will support the content, mix them with the game mechanics that fit the motivational palettes of the learners, and explore this mix till we feel and know it's the right choice.

We then take them all and blend them into a high-quality visual experience with short feedback loops to ensure that we don't drift away into the game-world and are still catering to the business, learner and learning objectives that we set in the first step itself.

We then do thorough and rigorous testing so we know that it's only the best form of output that you will be getting. And finally, we ensure that we build in experience hooks for the learners that help us measure the impact and effectiveness of the experience through play.

And these were just the tidbits from our recipe.

Here's how we can help...

We truly love what we do and here's how we can help!

We've crafted learning games and unique gamified learning experiences for our partners. If you want to create unique games and gamified learning experiences, you could reach out to us and we can work collaboratively to make your vision come to life.

However, if there might be any constraints, we've got a few games and gamified experiences that you could experiment with by customising them for your needs.

You will find below a few resources around our explorations in the space of gamification in modern workplace learning and some of our work.

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