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Gamification of learning

We've heard of games
and gamification

in learning for
more than a decade.

Many experiments and multiple failures later, games and gamification in the workplace have still survived.

Now, it's time for them to thrive.

We are on a mission to explore why they work and through this exploration express ourselves with solutions that aid meaningful learning and also help achieve learning and business metrics that make a real impact.

Insightful Gamification  Resources

Framework For
Gamified Induction

Effective onboarding remains a challenge for most organizations. Gamification of onboarding programs can help but that needs time and money.

With our new framework, we get you gamified induction programs fast and for less. .

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Building games and gamified experiences is a craft that we're extremely serious about.

We're aware of the impact that they have on the learning and satisfaction of the players, and how immense that is from a modern learning perspective. We follow a few steps to ensure an all-round approach to solving with games & gamification.

Go beyond gamification of learning

We spend a substantial amount of effort on framing the business and the learning problem.

Go beyond gamification of learning

We give this problem a structure by building a narrative around it and gather the content.

Go beyond gamification of learning

We choose learning theories and integrate them with the game mechanics to bind the content together that fits the narrative.

Go beyond gamification of learning

We blend all of it together into a visual game-like experience and add short feedback loops to it, thus giving us a prototype.

Go beyond gamification of learning

We then do a thorough play-testing to identify and solve for the many bugs and/or features.


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