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Each business requirement merits unique consideration to see what the most appropriate solution would be. When it comes to inspiring behavioral changes through soft skill training sessions, or nudging your leaders to take a more out-of-the-box approach towards problem solving – the value offered by one-to-one interaction with a trainer or coach can be immense.

It’s no wonder that for such programs, traditional classroom training is still the preferred mode of training. And to take it to the next level, organizations with a workforce that operates remotely, or is spread across geographies, or constantly on the move-have seen the value offered by Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT); an online classroom where the student and instructor are in different locations, and communicate with each other through the cloud.

But is taking the traditional classroom online the best possible solution for programs that require a more hands-on and immersive approach? We think not.

We believe the key to unlock the problem is intelligent curriculum design and a radical rethink of teaching methodology. Think Flipped Classrooms – embedding VILT sessions in a larger supporting framework of elements, where the support elements create an individual learning space for learners, and group interactions are used as a platform for applying concepts and engaging creatively with the subject matter. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? We can lead the way to show you how…

Best of both worlds!

Adopting a blended approach essentially creates synchronous, semi-synchronous and asynchronous elements in a program, without making unrealistic demands on learners, their infrastructure, or devices at home. Rather than simply having a course delivered as one lengthy VILT, we recommend a more hands-on approach that involves designing a multi-layered solution keeping different levels of learning outcomes in mind.

Our team of experienced learning designers works with your team to:

Classify learning outcomes into brackets of ‘simple cognition’ (remember, understand) and ‘advanced cognition’ (apply, analyze, evaluate, create) so each can be catered to appropriately.

Design elements that serve the distinct overall purpose and sub-purposes identified, ensuring that instructor-led sessions are reserved for the monitoring of learning and advanced cognitive outcomes.

Deploy of a set of elements over a span of time to scaffold learners throughout the process of learning - from activation of prior knowledge, to generative activities, to long term memory encoding.

We employ various types of visually engaging and interactive digital components for portions of the learning path that learners can undertake independently. VILTs are used for parts where human intervention is critical and adds significant value; they are supported by well designed learning labs, case studies, demonstrations, structured business simulations, and practice environments.


All in all, this blended approach caters to higher level learning outcomes that go beyond mere recall and comprehension, to support actual problem solving and decision making.


The Challenge

Providing employees and contractors working in an oil and gas company with a clear primer on cyber risks and computer security best practices to improve the security of their computing environment.

Our Solution

A two-pronged solution focused on learning by doing through decision-making: Activity-Based Learning through Interactive Videos followed by a Mini-Scenario Based Assessment.

Benefits of the Solution

Interactive videos to support learning through everyday scenarios.

Visuals and animated characters in a familiar office setup environment.

Branching scenarios catering to different aspects of decision-making.

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The Challenge

A major Bank wanted a comprehensive program to train their Retail Banking employees on digitization initiatives in order to improve their client and investor experience and satisfaction. Given the global footprint of their employees, they needed a custom program that could be adapted across their various locations.

Our Solution

Considering the nature of content and the need for a flexible, easily adaptable solution, we proposed a blended learning program that included synchronous, semi-synchronous, and asynchronous components.

Benefits of the Solution

Classroom Training Sessions - Traditional Instruction Lead Trainings (ILT), conducted in a classroom with curated teaching material.

Team Huddle Meetings - Virtual Instructor Lead trainings (VILT) conducted online.

Self-Paced Learning - Web Based Trainings (WBT) that learners consumed independently.

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The Challenge

Designing a learning program for a new job role, which, though defined, was minimally detailed.

Our Solution

Extensive consultation with client followed by a tailor-made blended learning solution.

We adopted a two-step strategy to find our way out of a somewhat vague requirement.

  • Finalizing the requirements and scope: In close consultation with the client.
  • Designing and developing a model solution: Consisting of three primary components; a Learning Path, ILT kits, and e-Learning modules.

Benefits of the Solution

Providing a detailed learning blueprint for the new job role, through the Learning Path.

Incorporating abstract client ideas and nuances of their requirements into one blended learning package.

Presenting each type of content optimally; content requiring simple cognition was included in eLearning modules whereas the more complex and application-based content was included in ILTs.

Providing advanced scaffolding through the Train the Trainer workshop.

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