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Performance Campaign
Performance Campaign

Performance Campaigns

A holistic approach to
organization-wide transformation

A holistic approach to organization-wide transformation

Campaigns as
a Solution
for Change

Have you recently upgraded your performance management program? Are you in the process of optimizing your operations to increase productivity? Do you want to inspire organization-wide behavioral change?

In a business environment as dynamic as ours, change is a constant. This could be the by-product of a restructuring initiative, or simply the adoption of new systems or processes in keeping with the growing demands of the business. The success or failure of such initiatives is defined by how seamlessly you can get employees on-board with the changes, and integrate them into the new workflow.

If you're at the cusp of a significant organizational shift, we might be able to help.

Campaigns   Done Right – Inspiring Change,
One Planned Step at a Time

We recognize that change management involves translating different aspects of the change to inspire cohesive progress across teams and functions. We therefore work with you to:

Define the objectives for various stages of transformation.

Design diverse learning interventions and feedback mechanisms that support these objectives, and help identify pain areas.

Identify the most suitable technology solutions based on the nature of your learning interventions, and deployment needs.

Define your internal marketing approach to build traction among employees.

Provide ongoing support mechanisms to decode specific areas of change.

Provide ample testing environments to help internalize different aspects of the change.


The Challenge

To help employees adopt safety as a culture, enabling them to respond correctly and safely to ‘live’ situations where safety hazards may be spontaneously created.

Our Solution

A 6-month performance campaign
A series of interventions to support and sustain a ‘Safety First’ culture in the organization.

Benefits of the Solution

Creating a foundation for sustained effort towards safety as a cultural trait.

Providing interventions that are aligned to business priorities.

Ensuring a blend of modalities to impact culture, behavior, and attitudes across the organization.

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The Challenge

Designing a solution to help learners inculcate the Code of Conduct not just in words but in spirit too, and enable them to make ethical decisions in challenging situations.

Our Solution

A year-long learning program to communicate, explain, exemplify and reinforce the values of the Code with the use of multiple gamified components such as scenarios, leadership videos, group talks, emailers, posters, and more.

Benefits of the Solution

A long-term learning solution to allow learners time and opportunities to fully commit to the Code and internalize the principles.

A gamification-based solution with a competitive scoring pattern to engage and motivate learners throughout their learning journey.

A series of mini-scenarios, mapped to different codes, that test and illustrate correct application of the principles in work-related contexts.

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The Challenge

To create a learning intervention that ensures the learners’ transition into this new phase of post COVID-19 work life is smooth and well-scaffolded.

Our Solution

A learning campaign comprising of multiple components, which is released to learners over a period of 4 to 6 weeks – allowing them to comfortably align to the “new normal”.

Benefits of the Solution

Introducing consistent messaging linked through an exploratory approach that speaks to your audience, and imbibes a sense of confidence about the transition back to work.

Using simple, relatable branching scenarios where learners are required to make seemingly simple decisions related to COVID safety norms, thereby preparing them to approach these situations with a new mindset.

Introducing nuggetized learning units through a campaign format, to avoid overwhelming learners, and to provide staggered support.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?

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