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Performance Support
Performance Support

Performance Support

Just-in-Time support for
learning on the go

Just-in-Time support for learning on the go

when it

Whether it’s quick look-up support for your sales teams or operational support for your technical teams – performance support is a key requirement for every organization.

Gone are the days when support translated to downloadable PDFs and FAQs. Thanks to the advancement of technology and out-of-the-box design thinking, our performance support solutions are customized to meet the needs of your key teams, putting the right information at their fingertips when it’s most required.

You can count on us to find innovative ways to fill performance gaps that traditional training often misses, owing to its one-size-fits-all approach.

We understand that though formal training and performance support are two sides of the same coin – and often inter-dependent when it comes to producing results – both have very different roles to play.

According to the 5 Moments of Need framework, there are five unique points where learners have pronounced learning needs

Learn new

learning for the first time

Learn more

expanding existing knowledge


applying learned concepts on the job


remediating a situation when things don’t go as planned


upgrading to a new way of working

While the first two are best addressed through formal training, the last three require focused and on-time performance support.

We therefore invest time in understanding the work you do, familiarizing ourselves with your existing learning culture, and identifying your performance vulnerabilities, while crafting customized solutions that support your learners with knowledge application, problem solving, and change management.

Our solutions combine the best technical options (considering bandwidth availability, accessibility, device usage, frequency of support, frequency of content updates, etc.) with the most suitable learning design solutions (combining the benefits offered by AR/VR interactivities, Games and apps, micro-learning nuggets, interactive videos, interactive PDFs, etc.) to make performance support resources easily searchable and accessible on the learners’ device of choice – when they most need it.


The Challenge

Reinforcing instructor-led transformational sales skills training through an engaging activity.

Our Solution

An Augmented Reality (AR)-based mobile app to support classroom trainings
A learner-centric instant solution to succinctly recap classroom trainings and assess current level of knowledge.

Benefits of the Solution

Empowering Sales teams with a handy and effective performance support tool.

Providing an immersive and seamless learning experience integrated with classroom trainings.

Allowing multiple uses; as a pre-test for classroom training, and as a mid-way knowledge check assessment when classroom training is in progress.

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The Challenge

Providing instant and ubiquitous access to key information.

Our Solution

A QR Code app that provides on-demand access to relevant information.
A dependable solution to find all relevant information at one place - in almost no time.

Benefits of the Solution

On-demand access to specific information.

Anytime-anywhere access to critical information on the go.

Ease of use and flexibility.

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The Challenge

Introducing new product lines to sales reps in an engaging and concise format, without the use of audio narration.

Our Solution

A series of short, upbeat animated videos to introduce product lines.
A quick video-based introduction to the more extensive PDF catalogues of different apparel lines.

Benefits of the Solution

Introducing the new product line to the in-store sales rep.

Creating a buzz around the new line which can be transferred to customers.

Short sentences and precise language to convey the right message and customer interaction guidelines.

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