Press Release

Upside Learning Unveils New Corporate Identity; Revamps Its Website

October 2010

Upside Learning has undergone a major transformation – the first of its kind in the company’s 6 year journey. In line with its efforts to align the company’s image with its evolving business, Upside Learning has unveiled a new corporate identity today.

The new identity symbolizes the company’s movement into new domains, birth of new ideas, innovation and development of new products. It combines the elements of agility and innovation to reflect a shift in the way Upside Learning thinks & works; its focus on higher growth & success, and its step towards the new & improved.

The logo has been designed to reflect the company’s philosophy of putting YOU (the customer, its employees and other stakeholders) first - denoted by the ‘U’ shape, the arrow signifies its focus on growth through performance and learning, while the colour green embodies the eco-friendly nature of its solutions and services.

The branding initiative involves a new visual identity across all communications, which include a revamped website and blog, and relevant changes in the marketing and support materials. Upside Learning has also released a ‘new identity launch’ video on You Tube that captures the essence of the company and that of the new logo.

Watch the video:

With a view to adapting with the dynamically changing eLearning landscape, our new corporate identity reflects the company’s philosophy to constantly innovate itself with the evolving technology, and customer requirements, and move along the curve.

Amit GargDirector - Content Solution
Upside Learning

“Upside Learning has grown significantly over the past 6 years with diversified offerings, and today it serves over 150 customers across the globe,” said Amit Gautam, Director of Technology Solutions at Upside Learning. “Our new identity reflects the attributes of our unique culture - focused on the customers, employees and other stakeholders. Most importantly, it symbolizes our fervor to grow”, he added.

Subsequently, the company also plans to re-align its products and service offerings with a renewed focus on innovation; underlining its commitment of providing effective learning solutions to the global community.