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Upside Learning’s Corporate Newsletter Gets A New Makeover On Its 2nd Anniversary

May 2013
As UL Buzz enters into the 3rd year, I would like to thank our readers for their positive response and continued support. We vow to continue sharing our knowledge and keep improving UL Buzz into a more useful resource in the time to come.

Amit GargDirector of Custom Learning Solutions and Co–founder
Upside Learning

Newsletter May 2013

At a strong readership of more than 5000 and many more joining the list, Upside Learning Buzz marked two years of its existence as an insightful and knowledge–enriching resource. To mark its 2nd anniversary, Upside Learning has unveiled a new, redesigned format, with a strong visual appeal and improved design framework.

Popularly known as ‘UL Buzz’, Upside Learning Buzz is a monthly newsletter published and circulated by Upside Learning that keeps its readers informed about the latest developments in the learning industry and new things happening at Upside Learning. Apart from this, it also gives a reminder of upcoming events and provides readers with learning resources which they can use while answering their L&D challenges.

While the new UL Buzz has a complete refreshed look, some sections of the previous version have been retained with minor alterations to maintain the familiarity with the old newsletter and the comfort of the readers. The five key sections of UL Buzz now include –

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