Press Release

It's a Multi-device world at the 'Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2015'

March 2015
ATD ICE 2015

With the evolving trend of multi-device usage, learning content is now being demanded and accessed by the users anytime, anywhere, at the point of need. The technological advancements in web-designing and development have given birth to Responsive eLearning design that allows content to be designed in a way that it provides a seamless and optimal learning experience across multiple devices. This has been supported by multi-device testing tools, simulators and emulators, and robust Learning Management Systems.

In this multi-device context, Upside Learning will be sharing the A-Z on multi-device eLearning designing, testing and delivery, with support of its innovative solutions and services at the much awaited Learning Solutions Conference & Expo (LSCON) 2015 from 25th - 27th of March at Orlando, FL.

At its booth (#417), the company will showcase:

  1. UpsideLMS, the best value, responsive Learning Management System
  2. Framework for Responsive eLearning Development (FRED), enabling faster and reliable development of Responsive eLearning
  3. Multi-device Testing Lab, for thorough testing of eLearning projects
  4. Custom eLearning, designed specifically to suit the learning objectives and performance outcomes
  5. Custom mLearning, for creating solutions that address the workforce's just-in-time requirements

Interested personnel are also invited to view a demo, check out some course samples and have their multi-device technology and training related queries answered by Upside Learning's team.

Amit Gautam, Co-founder and Director - Technology Solutions, and Ashutosh Joshi, Manager – Business Development (North America), will be presenting a learning session on 26th March 2015, 12:00 PM at stage 1. The eLearning Tools Stage Session, titled 'eLearning for Multi-Device World: How to Develop, Test, and Deliver', will reveal insights on the challenges, considerations and solutions for designing, testing and delivering multi-device eLearning.

Interested individuals can also pre-book a meeting by sending an email to