Upside Learning releases their new whitepaper titled ‘Learning that Works’, by Clark Quinn

Upside Learning’s new whitepaper focuses on deeper learning for retention and transfer.

A leading global provider of end-to-end digital learning solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, Upside Learning releases its new whitepaper – Learning that Works – that dives into understanding deeper learning and how it aids retention and transfer.

Authored by Upside Learning’s new Chief Learning Strategist, Clark Quinn, this whitepaper aims to give L&D professionals and learning designers a better understanding of how learning, when correctly designed, aids retention and transfer, making it both valuable and profitable.

To quote the whitepaper, “To get learning that really works, that is cognitively effective and emotionally engaging, we need more. While there’s an educational movement for deeper learning, here we’re talking about what’s needed for effective and engaging workplace learning.”

About Upside Learning Solutions

Since 2004, Upside Learning has consistently delivered best-in-class custom learning solutions to organizations worldwide. The focal point for us is to help L&D leaders deliver deeper learning experiences that improve retention and transfer to achieve desired outcomes. With experience in developing Custom Learning, Mobile Learning, Microlearning, Gamification, ILT and VILT, and AR/VR/MR-based solutions amongst others, Upside Learning strives to add value to every learning solution it creates.

Upside Learning aims to go beyond the ordinary and predictable with its mantra of ‘Go Beyond’. As part of the ‘Go Beyond’ initiative, Upside Learning nudges its internal teams, clients, and the entire L&D community to treat every learning initiative as an enabler of performance. The ‘L&D Go Beyond Podcast’ is a significant part of this initiative, which features workplace learning leaders from across the globe sharing their insights and experiences.

Over the years, Upside Learning has won more than 100 awards and accolades (including the likes of Brandon Hall Group and Deloitte amongst other noteworthy names).

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Isha Sood
AVP – Marketing
Upside Learning Solutions

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