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Maximize learning impact in minimum time

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No one can refute the endless capabilities of custom eLearning design; but organizations often find themselves in a place where swift development takes top-most priority. New product launches that need to go live on priority, system updates that must be communicated immediately, crisis management protocol that is time-sensitive, compliance updates that require immediate organization-wide implementation—been there, haven’t you?

‘Rapid’ is often a matter of perspective. While some may cite that any development using an authoring tool can fall within this category, others may argue that speed and volumes are what define ‘Rapid’- for instance, creating 50-100 courses in 12 month period. Whatever your take, we focus on delivering according to your timelines, never losing sight of quality.

For us, the constraints of a particular software or crunch timelines are never an excuse for poor quality. We therefore focus on leveraging the speed of development offered by authoring tools to deliver high-impact solutions that are interactive, engaging and high on instructional value.

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too - Don't Compromise
on Quality to Accommodate Aggressive Timelines

At Upside Learning, rapid development doesn't automatically translate to lack of customization. We recognize that your requirements are unique. Our in-house dedicated experts for each popular tool track its features and explore customization possibilities, so we can recommend the tools most suitable for your specific needs. Our learning designers then optimize learning solutions to effectively catalyze these tools for your learning needs.

We recognize that in today's dynamic business environment, organizations often need to speed up the development of learning initiatives to bolster their immediate business goals. We can help you realize those goals by:

Boosting product visibility and sales for “in focus” products and services by creating rapid eLearning content for sales and business development teams.

Improving process efficiency by designing easy-to-follow software simulations for operations teams that expedite organization-wide adoption.

Making your business crisis-resilient by developing content that addresses various aspects (operational, regulatory, emotional, mental health related, etc.) of the crisis, and helps reduce employee uncertainty by providing clear and uncluttered guidance.

Increasing compliance with legal and safety regulations by converting dry ordinance documents into engaging, interactive courses that provide learners with perspective on the real-life applicability of these regulations.


The Challenge

Inspiring behavioral changes at an organization level through engagement, and not forced learning.

Our Solution

A customized process to rapidly develop 50+ courses in 2 months.

A robust solution for tool migration and translation that aimed at setting expectations early, and automating as many tasks as possible to ensure a timely delivery of standardized courses with an updated look and feel.  

Benefits of the Solution

A standardized authoring format and software versions that are SCORM 1.2 compliant for all courses.

A bi-lingual Storyline package of both English and Spanish versions with a language selection page.

50+ course packages delivered in a short span of 8 weeks.

Get the detailed case study here

The Challenge

To design, develop and deliver 500 hours of customized digital content of varying output levels using Articulate Storyline 360 and Custom HTML within a span of 18 months.

Our Solution

A robust end-to-end solution to rapidly develop 500 hours of customized digital content.

A solution spanning from analysis to deployment phases and focused on structuring dedicated teams, setting expectations with prototypes, templatizing storyboards, adopting checklists, and robust testing to ensure timely delivery of 500 hours of eLearning output.

Benefits of the Solution

Consistent look and feel for the courses through templatizing to ensure they appear as one family of courses and to expedite the process.

Rapid development through a robust parallel development process that aligned dedicated project teams for a narrower dedicated focus on timelines and deliverables.

End-to-end development of 500 hours of content in a short span of 18 months.

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The Challenge

An intervention beyond just a policy document to emphasize guidelines for safe commutes to and from work.

Our Solution

A visually-rich, mobile-friendly solution to instantiate safety guidelines when commuting with company transport.

Benefits of the Solution

Illustrated scenes to contextualize common safety risks and concerns.

A conversational, natural tone of writing to express the key message.

A light, on-the-go digital solution to encourage adherence to safety guidelines and transport policies.

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