Upside Learning partners with ViSteps to deliver online SQL Training globally.

July 2010

With a view to providing rapid, step-by-step skill development for usability, practicality, experience and success, Upside Learning, in association with ViSteps, has successfully completed an online SQL training programme for SQL aspirants. This programme is open to students and learners across the globe. Visteps will deliver all training programmes via its subsidiary SQLSteps.

The objective of the project was to improve SQL knowledge and skills of the students, and provide them with an opportunity to practice through a simulated environment. With inputs from Visteps, who have a deep understanding of SQL, Upside Learning has developed courses that engage and challenge learners, ultimately giving them the skills which will help them to move forward with their SQL projects and careers.

The development process adopted by Upside Learning was smooth and speedy. Also, the team was pro-active in answering queries and suggesting effective solutions. We are very pleased with our partnership and look forward to a long association ahead.

Shawn CollinsManaging Director

In addition to the conventional eLearning components, Upside Learning has used demos and simulations. Flash and Captivate were majorly used to create the interactions so as to engage and stimulate the learner effectively. The Captivate simulations have both, the ‘show me’ and ‘try me’, approaches for the learners, while Flash has been employed to explain the theoretical sections. All the modules consist of interactive simulations that enable the learners to practice and refine their skills further.

Amit Garg, Director of Content Solution at Upside Learning, commented, “ViSteps had a clear objective of creating SQL programmes that were not just engaging and challenging, but capable of equipping the learners with skills for succeeding in their careers. We are confident that our programmes will be able to deliver on ViStep’s expectations and cater to their growing training needs.”

ViSteps has also employed Upside learning’s multi award-winning Learning Management platform, UpsideLMS, to deliver and manage all their training courses.

About ViSteps

SQLSteps was started by a group of professional SQL Server Instructors who could not find a decent and affordable online training solution for their own students.

Armed with a deep understanding of the process of rapid Step-by-Step skill development, we have developed courses that will engage and challenge you; ultimately giving you the skills you need to move forward with your SQL projects and careers.

Usability, Practicality, Experience and Success; these are words that we take seriously. Every decision we make is based around them.