Upside Learning Releases A New Point–Of–View Paper On Mobile Learning

August 2010

As a company driven by innovation, Upside Learning is always researching new technologies and bringing innovative solutions to its clients. Mobile Learning has been one of the focus areas at Upside Learning in recent times. And continuing with its developments in the mLearning domain, the company is pleased to announce the release of its new Point-of-View paper, ‘Mobile Learning – Here and Now’.

The paper is based on the fact that technological developments and the increase in the mobile device penetration among the population have led to sustainable change in all spheres of our lives – radically changing the way we live and learn. Authored by Abhijit Kadle, Manager – Instructional Design at Upside Learning, this Point of View takes a comprehensive look at Mobile Learning – starting with the basics and delving deeper into the nuances of mLearning design.

The PoV is intended for a general audience to acquaint themselves with the concept of Mobile Learning. It will also help readers with understanding the use of Mobile Learning and some associated considerations.

Abhijit KadleManager - Instructional Design
Upside Learning

Ideal for people who are considering mobile learning, the paper includes key points on:

  1. What is Mobile Learning?
  2. When to use Mobile Learning
  3. Design Considerations for Mobile Learning
  4. Advantages (& disadvantages) of Mobile Learning

Besides this, the paper also highlights a framework for evaluation, identifying three core areas – Usability, Technical, and Functional, which is handy while considering varied mobile devices available. It addresses key trends occurring in Mobile Learning space and its rapid growth across businesses, globally.

A complimentary copy of the Point-of-View Paper, ‘Mobile Learning – Here and Now’, can be obtained from here.