Upside Learning Schedules 2 Webinars On ‘eLearning On iPads’ In March

March 2013
eLearning on iPad (tablet) seems to be the buzzword these days. While much has been written, posted, presented and shared about it on the web, in conferences, on the social media and in general L&D discussions, myths, doubts, challenges and issues continue to surround it. Our main objective behind conducting this webinar is to help organisations closely understand the basics of tablet learning (eLearning on iPads) and take the first step in the mLearning domain.

Amit GargFounder & Director – Custom Learning Solutions
Upside Learning

Designing Elearning For Ipads Tablets

Earlier this year, Upside Learning had announced its key themes for the year – eLearning on iPads (tablets) and mEnablement; a term coined by Upside Learning that denotes the conversion of the existing eLearning courseware to a mobile compatible format. These themes were hinged on the growth of the smartphone and tablet market across the globe in 2013. Continuing with this theme, the company will be conducting two webinars, titled ‘Designing eLearning for iPads’. Upside Learning’s Director of Bespoke Learning Solutions and Co–founder, Amit Garg, will be presenting the same webinar on 12th and 19th March.

The webinar on the 12th March is scheduled at 11 AM EDT, while that on 19th is at 11 AM IST. By conducting the webinar on two days at different time slots, the company aims to reach out to its key target markets, namely the US, the UK, APAC, ME and India, each operating in a different time zone.

Designing eLearning for iPads (tablets)’ will help the attendees to understand tablets and their common usage, how eLearning on iPads(tablets) can serve as an entry point into Mobile Learning and the key factors to be kept in mind while designing new eLearning for iPads or while ‘mEnabling’ the existing eLearning courseware into a tablet compatible format.

The webinar will be supported by a few examples of how some of Upside Learning’s clients are using eLearning for iPads and the value they have delivered in doing so. Amit Garg will also answer the questions posted by the attendees after the webinars.

Registrations for the webinar are now open. Interested individuals can book a seat by registering here –