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Value Added Services

Extended and ongoing solutions
to support your L&D needs

Extended and ongoing
solutions to support
your L&D needs

We understand that an organization’s learning and development needs
 go beyond creating learning interventions and
e-Learning curriculum

In our role as Learning Partners, we help you identify other learning management requirements, and provide solutions that focus on the bigger picture – ensuring that your learning initiatives are well-supported so they can make a more lasting impact.

Here are some ways in which we can extend support to ensure that your larger learning goals are met.

Creating Awareness for your Audiences

The nature of learning and development is fast changing, and so is the role of the L&D function as a whole. We’re moving from a push format where L&D teams were the sole drivers of organizational learning where they identified, created, and scheduled training interventions; to a pull format where L&D teams act as facilitators and curators of learning material, and all other teams and individuals are responsible for identifying their own learning needs.

With the large volume and multiple forms of learning material that is created, it becomes extremely important for L&D team to bring focus to new learning interventions, and showcase the value of these programs. After all, even the most robust training interventions can end up having really low uptake, if the crucial question of “What’s in it for me” is not answered.

Here are some ways in which we can help you bring focus to your learning interventions, and highlight the value of the program to your employees.

Marketing Campaigns to support learning interventions and course roll-outs

Be it high-impact standalone learning courses, or a long-running learning campaigns – their success is hugely dependant on the right kind of messaging to support their core objectives. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to use marketing alongside the delivery of learning or change interventions.

Keeping this in mind, we suggest employing focussed marketing campaigns through the pre-launch and in-progress phases to create awareness about the program, and generate excitement around it. This involves creating marketing collateral that will be aimed at generating interest about the content and getting consistent messaging across to learners.

In the pre-launch phase, this would involve creating promotional videos and posters to generate awareness and create a buzz. Once the program has been launched, we recommend keeping learners informed of upcoming events and courses through digital messaging delivered as e-mailers, and physical posters / tent cards / danglers displayed around the premises.

Sounds credible, but difficult to implement, right?
Just leave it up to us to help you plan and execute your marketing initiatives.

Post Roll-out Surveys and Analytics

Learners are no longer mute recipients of training – they have clear learning goals, and have stated opinions and preferences on the nature of content and delivery.

We launched GoBeyond - an initiative to nudge the L&D fraternity out of inertia so we can focus not just on learning delivery, but also on learning effectiveness. We've regularly bolstered this larger initiative by drawing focus to different aspects of learning design that we think contribute towards making learning interventions effective, and the latest segment in series - “Measuring Learning Effectiveness” - focuses on upping the ante when it comes to learning analytics.

We all know that one way of collating information on learner preferences is running Post Roll-out surveys. But gone are the days when surveys were a list of ten generic questions with a rating scale of 1-5. We help you design insightful surveys that give you a clearer view of how the training program can be improved to suit learner preferences.

Our team works with yours to identify the core objectives of Learning Measurement in your organization, define the drivers of learning measurement, and assess how to effectively measure behaviors and training impact. We employ tried and tested Learning Measurement Models to drive analytics and evaluate learning impact.

Intrigued? Reach out to us, and we can take you through our process


The Challenge

Inspiring behavioral changes at an organization level through engagement, and not forced learning.

Our Solution

A campaign-style approach that familiarizes employees with company values with a sustained impact
A gamified 52-week long intervention designed to encourage learners to “live” the values, instead of learning them by rote.

Benefits of the Solution

Building habits and creating the basis for behavioral changes by consistently drip-feeding content for consumption and practice.

Creating a wholesome experiential learning opportunity by providing employees with the right in-experience motivation.

Inspiring long-term sustained interest by harnessing the benefits of micro-learning through a unique combination of content nuggets to keep momentum and interest.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?

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The Challenge

Designing a solution to help learners inculcate the Code of Conduct not just in words but in spirit too, and enable them to make ethical decisions in challenging situations.

Our Solution

A year-long learning program to communicate, explain, exemplify and reinforce the values of the Code with the use of multiple gamified components such as scenarios, leadership videos, group talks, emailers, posters and more.

Benefits of the Solution

A long-term learning solution to allow learners time and opportunities to fully commit to the Code and internalize the principles.

A gamification-based solution with a competitive scoring pattern to engage and motivate learners throughout their learning journey.

A series of mini-scenarios, mapped to different codes, that test and illustrate correct application of the principles in work-related contexts.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?

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Taking your projects to a  Global  Audience

It’s fairly common for organizations to have a global workforce, and we can no longer plan high-impact learning interventions without taking this into account. For any program to meet the desired goals, organizations need to ensure that it reaches every individual employee who will in any way be affected by it.

We can help you do just that.

Translation and Localization with Audio Recording Services

We are your partners in supporting your growing business—and know that it means reaching a diverse workforce that’s spread across the globe. Our language experts carry out text translation and localization to help the same content be delivered the right way and in the right cultural context. Built–in linguistic checks and reviews ensure that the output matches the overall expectations.

That’s not all—we also provide comprehensive voice casting, voiceover, and audio recording services from talented professionals who are the best in their field.

We provide translation and audio recording services for 50+ different languages, and have developed an effective 5 phase process to ensure high quality services:

Content Extraction of all the text present on screen, in the narration, and in GUI elements.

Translations by a professional translator, including the creation of a glossary and or translation memory.

Audio recording by a professional artist of the client’s choosing, with clear instructions on the pronunciation of technical and uncommon terms.

Integration of all translated text and audio files and testing on targeted Device-OS-Browser combinations to make ensure the accuracy of integration.

Delivery of all translations, audios, course SCORM packages, and applicable source files.

Sounds credible, but difficult to implement, right?
Just leave it up to us to help you plan and execute your marketing initiatives.

Accessibility Implementation

One important consideration for designing learning interventions is ensuring that online courses are equally accessible and easy to follow for all learners.

Technical accessibility standards exist to ensure that designs of electronic materials are easy to access, navigate, or explore for as many people as possible. While accessibility has its origins in web design, the prevailing global standards can be adapted for eLearning purposes as well. Factoring accessibility into design standards ensures not only ease of use for differently-abled learners, but also those with slower mobile connections, older devices with less sophisticated hardware and capabilities, and older learners with cognitive or psychomotor impairments.

We have therefore defined standards for eLearning based on the guidance defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) which develops international standards for the Web: HTML, CSS, and many other technologies, and in keeping with the Accessibility guidelines defined under Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.
By identifying the required support for each kind of accessibility concern, and adapting it to the eLearning context, we have created an exhaustive set of accessibility solutions that cater to any form of challenge – whether it is related to hearing, motor, cognitive, or vision.

We work with your team to ensure consistent and effective accessibility for all your learners.


The Challenge

Converting and translating 50 web-based courses, developed using a variety of tools, into mobile-friendly courses with HTML output using Articulate Storyline 3.

Our Solution

A customized process to rapidly develop 50+ courses in 2 months
A robust solution for tool migration and translation that aimed at setting expectations early, and automating as many tasks as possible to ensure a timely delivery of standardized courses with an updated look and feel.

Benefits of the Solution

A standardized authoring format and software versions that are SCORM 1.2 compliant for all courses.

A bi-lingual Storyline package of both English and Spanish versions with a language selection page.

50+ course packages delivered in a short span of 8 weeks.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?

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The Challenge

Making existing conventional eLearning content available to all learners, including differently abled learners.

Our Solution

An accessible, responsive, and engaging design solution at learners’ fingertips
We employed technology and standards to redesign the existing content into learning material that was fully accessible to all learners.
Our solution focused on three key features.

  • Accessibility: Providing an equally enriching learning experience to all learners without discrimination
  • Flexibility: Making learning available on learners’ terms, anytime, anywhere
  • Quality: Presenting engaging content to more effectively achieve the learning objectives

Benefits of the Solution

More efficacious learning material for all learners, not just the differently abled ones.

Anytime, anywhere, device-independent learning.

A more enjoyable learning experience, leaving a lasting impression.

Future-proof learning material, which was ‘forward compatible’.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?

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Support and  Maintenance

Even after we’ve helped you roll out a solution, there’s a lot that could change. Perhaps your portfolio is updated with new products and services or added features, or your business has upgraded with improved processes, revised policies, and updated laws and regulations. Not to mention innovative technologies, latest devices, software, and system upgrades to add to the mix.

Here’s where we come in—your one-stop shop to update your existing solutions; even if it’s simply to update the existing content or minor technical tweaks to support a new browser, make changes to an old app to the latest version of Android, update old courses to run on your new or updated LMS, or updates to an operating system. We can help you with one-time requirements or recurring ones over a given period of time.

Testing Lab – Multi-Device Testing

Most of the content we consume today is on-the-go. To ensure high uptake of eLearning content, it is crucial to cater to the biggest ask of modern learners—content that is truly self-paced in every aspect. And one major consideration to make this happen is multi-device hosting.

When we think ‘multi-device’, we think: multiple combinations of browsers, manufacturers, models and sizes, operating systems, connectivity modes and platforms, etc. It’s vital that such learning solutions be tested thoroughly on actual physical devices and configurations.

Our Quality Assurance team is involved thorough testing in the following domains:

Content testing including image, font, style guide adherence, language and proof-reading, and usability testing.

Functionality testing in line with functional design or specification requirements.

Unit testing including verification and validation of every individual unit of the software application being developed.

Integration testing to verify that all the parts of an application "integrate" together, and that the course is integrated with the player.

System testing for different configurations, browsers, operating systems and platforms, and for compliance to AICC / SCORM 1.2 or 2004.

Accessibility testing in compliance with the Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C-WAI).

Updating projects to work on your new LMS

With 10+years of experience working with LMS compliance, we have worked with numerous LMS’s that support SCORM1.2, SCORM 1.3/2004, xAPI, and AICC. We also have expertise in adhering to specific LMS compliance requirements (non-standard compliances).

If you’re considering moving to a new LMS, not only can we help you update you existing courses to ensure compatibility with the standards of the new LMS, but also to update the course content itself.

Think your old courses don’t make the cut when it comes to providing the aspired learning value? We’ll be happy to take a look and recommend changes that can get them there. Be it simple GUI and usability updates, or more complex content presentation updates, we can help give your courses the required makeover to make content consumption on the new LMS even more effective.

And needless to say, we perform a thorough testing to identify any functionality errors. We also test for complete SCORM compliance, to ensure that the scores and course statuses can be tracked with the help of the new LMS.