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Go Beyond the Hype

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This eBook will help you understand the following:

Memory and micro moments of learning

Micro steps into macro learning

Avatars and impact of Microlearning

Common myths

Commandments of Microlearning

Design strategy and delivery tools

Microlearning challenges and limitations

A brief on the eBook:

There has been a lot of discussion and hype around the propagation of Microlearning, but never truly an objective and holistic inference. This book is dedicated to map those missing puzzle pieces and create a complete chart to understand Microlearning.

The book takes you to first understand the role of memory and empathy which lead to moments of learning that matter. Next, it correlates approaching learning through the foundation of Design Thinking. To further build on your understanding, the various facets of Microlearning take micro steps to the eventual long-term learning. You will come across its various avatars that contribute to its impactful application. You will also get a transparent understanding of the subject as various myths get busted. The 10 commandments of Microlearning will guide you to maximise the learning conversion. The book also discusses design strategy and delivery tools that guide to build a sustainable solution.

Finally, the challenges to Microlearning will give you a realistic view to selecting the learning methodology.

How will the book help you?

If you are looking at knowing anything and everything about Microlearning, then this is the book for you. The readers of this book will be taken to the smallest link of learning to the heart of Microlearning concepts. Through this you will get a thorough understanding of the layered concepts that were never so clearly linked and explained earlier. The book thus will provide you with knowledge leading to an expertise only few possess.

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