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Learning Strategy

An intuitive and substantiated
approach to learning

We believe the best solutions are not the ones that are complex – but the ones that offer a  simple, smart, and intuitive resolution to your specific business

And that means moving away from the myopic view of course design, and moving towards more holistic solutions that take a deep dive view into your business, your people, and your organizational goals.

The now famous HBR article where Michael Beer and his colleagues say "Corporations are victims of the great training robbery" brings focus to the most important consideration for organizations—Return on Investment (RoI). It’s not uncommon for organizations to feel that skills taught in training do not necessarily translate to better organizational performance.

Our solutions aim to counter this conundrum through the following considerations.

Our Guiding Principles

We make a deliberate attempt to take up the role of learning consultants, working with your team to address various aspects and considerations of learning design and deployment. We recognize that solution design is not an isolated activity. While designing solutions, our team of Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Visual Designers, Programmers, and Quality Assurance experts come together to craft designs that take every aspect of your objectives into account.

In this activity, our teams are driven by our five Guiding Principles to ensure that we create a quality solution that not only focuses on your core business challenges, the needs of your employees, and your technical requirements; but also on a project execution process that best integrates our core strengths with yours to ensure effective project outcomes.

Crafting business-centric and employee-focused solutions
Ideation for Motivation

Learning Strategy

We design for people—your employees—real people with real challenges and real motivations, rather than full-time ‘learners’. And we’re here to put all our practical domain expertise and experience to use, to help impact workplace performance through innovative and creative solutions.

Whether you’re looking for a tactical solution or something deeper that needs a more strategic approach—we’re your partners in ideation.

Delivering high-quality, impactful solutions

Learning Strategy

We design with the end in mind. We work with you to define what success looks like for your business and how we plan to measure it. That, for us, marks the inception of the journey towards quality solutions that make a business impact.

And we make sure that journey is a smooth one for both your business stakeholders and your employees.

Leveraging the right technology for the workplace context


We rely on technology as an enabler towards better employee performance, and better business outcomes. And all the while being conscious of what makes employees of the modern workplace—their work context, their challenges, their workflows, the technology.

We strive to be on top of the latest learning tech updates, and conduct our own R&D through our innovation team—the ‘What’s New’ team.

Our cross-functional ‘What’s New’ team focuses on trends and emerging technologies in the L&D space.

The team works on new types of projects and solutions, and experiments with new tools and technologies to evaluate their use in the solutions we offer, and/or in our own design and development activities.

Based on the research and experience gathered, the ‘What’s New’ team also creates internal documentation and conducts knowledge sharing and training sessions to distill and pass on useful knowledge, references, and good practices to the rest of the Custom Learning Solutions team.

Making deliberate design decisions to craft meaningful experiences
Design Ethic

Design Ethic

We believe every interaction with your employees—more so through online content—is an opportunity to bring in a change. This is why we see learning solutions as part of a larger organizational change: think more sustained ‘campaigns’ to nudge performance, rather than one-and-done learning interventions.

So whether it’s ‘boring’ Compliance training you need to revamp or specific software training you’d like to simplify, we love a good design challenge, and can help uplift your L&D brand through unique and engaging solutions.

With you through design, delivery, and beyond
Project Management

Project Management

We take pride in partnering with clients from different industries and geographies. We believe strong, engaged partnerships make for quality solutions. Our customer service philosophy is anchored in three core principles:

Becoming an extension of your team
We focus on understanding your business and focus areas for your employees. Throughout the engagement, we find ways to support the value proposition you want to create for your business.

Creating organic growth
We leverage our strengths—our design expertise, our experience in delivering learning projects, and our passion for impactful workplace learning—and merge these with your team’s strengths to consistently deliver quality work.

Continually improving
We value our partnerships with our clients, and believe in the power of long-term relationships. While project execution has its own calendar of activities, we also schedule discussions for a larger scope and for engagement-level matters to share new capabilities and explore how best we can continue to nurture the partnership to deliver higher-value services.

Measurable Results for Learning Interventions

To make learning accountable to RoI, it’s important to identify the right drivers and data. Learning Measurement in most organizations is still at an infantile stage, and is often restricted to very basic measurements such as course completions or learner feedback.

In our attempt to go beyond clicking boxes in the name of Learning Measurement, we have launched an initiative called Measuring Learning Effectiveness, which focuses on upping the ante when it comes to learning analytics.
In keeping with the ATD Competency Model for Evaluating Learning Impact, our design team works with your stakeholders to:

Measurable Results for Learning Interventions

Identify your expectations focusing on what the success of the learning program looks like to you.

Measurable Results for Learning Interventions

Select appropriate measurement strategies that map to the four levels of the Kirkpatrick Model for Learning Measurement (Satisfaction, Learning, Impact, Results).

Measurable Results for Learning Interventions

Gain support for the learning measurement plan in consultation with your stakeholders.

Measurable Results for Learning Interventions

Identify mediums of data collection to ensure that the data collected is accurate and consistent.

Measurable Results for Learning Interventions

Analyze the data to map to the objectives defined in the “Identify Expectations” phase.

Our focus is on making your learning interventions both successful and accountable.

To know more about our approach to designing solutions, visit our Solution Design and Development  page.

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