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Rethinking Learning: Focus on Performance

Delve into the realm of empowering organizational performance with our latest eBook! Discover practical strategies and implementation approaches crafted to amplify the effectiveness of organizational practices.


Designing for Learning Impact: Strategies and Implementation

Step into the world of impactful learning! Immerse yourself in our interactive eBook as you learn about effective interventions and approaches for achieving measurable organizational success.


Scenario-Based Learning: The Ultimate Asset in Your L&D Toolkit

Welcome to the world of scenario-based learning! Dive in with our eBook to create impactful scenarios, avoid common pitfalls, and harness the full potential of this potent learning approach.


Microlearning: It’s Not What You Think it Is

Transform your training approach with "Microlearning: It's Not What You Think It Is." This groundbreaking ebook delves into the untapped potential of microlearning, offering valuable insights and practical guidance. Discover how to leverage performance support and spaced learning to boost knowledge retention, optimize training outcomes, and stay ahead in a rapidly changing world


Designing for Deeper Learning

For deeper learning to be systematically integrated into the experiences we create, we need an enlightened design process.


Digitalize and Modernize Learning

Modernization has been thrust upon business and employees so that both can stay relevant. Wondering how and where do you begin to digitalize and modernize your learning? And how to do it right? This guide can help.


GoBeyond: Design for Learning Engagement

There is no learning engagement unless you deliberately design for it. This guide can get you started.


Level Up your Learning Game

Games are a waste of time unless after homework. Gamification is the way ahead for serious learning at the workplace.


Not Playing Around – Gamification for Workplace Learning

This eBook makes us feel extremely optimistic about the use of games and gamification in workplace learning.


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