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Welcome to L&D Myth-ology, your go-to video series for unraveling the misconceptions that often cloud our understanding of learning and development.

Ever wondered if you have the attention span of a goldfish or if sitting with a banana on your head boosts your memory? Well, hold onto your thinking caps as we dispel all such myths and misconceptions around learning and development in our unbelievably real series on the block:L&DMyth-ology. In each episode, we tackle a prevalent L&D myth and present you with insights that dispel the confusion. Prepare to separate fact from fiction, and maybe even learn a thing or two along the way. This series is pure edutainment! Don't miss out.

Clark Quinn

Chief Learning Strategist

About Our Myth-Buster

Clark Quinn, Ph.D. is an internationally renowned learning consultant, speaker, and author. He has been involved in the design, development, and evaluation of a wide variety of educational technology for over 40 years. He integrates creativity, cognitive science, and technology to develop award-winning learning and performance support systems. Clark has authored multiple books on learning and also holds the honor of being awarded as the eLearning Guild's first Guild Master in 2012.

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