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A renewed focus
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of workplace learning

From ‘churning out’ a bunch of courses and content-heavy training programs to designing tailored interventions for focused outcomes—L&D has come a long way in shaping the workplace of the future.

Over the years, we as service providers have also seen our role evolve from simply producing content to designing solutions that improve workplace performance.

Some recent numbers on the state of the industry


L&D professionals don’t currently measure learner engagement
(LinkedIn 2020)


of CEOs across the globe perceive a gap in essential skills as a risk to organizational growth (2019 PWC CEO Survey)

Top 3 drivers of learning measurement:

“To improve the effectiveness of learning programs"

“To more strongly link learning and organizational performance”

“To more strongly link learning and individual performance”

(2019 Brandon Hall Group Learning Measurement Study)

Top 3 strategic priorities identified by L&D professionals:

“Evaluating the impact of learning”

“Increasing learner engagement”

“Enabling self-directed learning with online learning solutions”

We’re here to make a difference

We believe that we—as a motivated group of L&D professionals—have a greater part to play in catalyzing this shift in the perceptions, the motivations, and the execution of workplace learning solutions.

And that’s why we pledge to ‘Go Beyond’.

What ‘Go Beyond’ stands for

A clarion call. A mindset. Our Mantra.

What started as a campaign to nudge the L&D community toward impactful solutions has now become
ingrained in our purpose as a company.

A clarion call to our customers, to our own employees, and to the L&D community at large to see every learning initiative as an enabler of employee performance

A malleable mindset that underpins every effort of ours to ensure our solutions make a business impact

Our mantra that reminds us to work towards meaningful yet practical, performance-focused solutions

Let’s Go Beyond the Unstated

Let’s Go Beyond just 'pushing' information to employees hoping to trigger a performance change AND support them to upskill themselves in the changing environment in terms of the organizational culture, performance context and ecosystem, and leadership sanction

Let’s Go Beyond creating one-and-done eLearning courses AND consider crafting sustained campaigns to drip-feed the required content in an ecosystem that also includes social and collaborative opportunities

Let’s Go Beyond the belief that all our learning interventions need to live in the LMS AND make every experience count as an experience that can impact performance—even if offline (xAPI is a great tool waiting to be explored)

Let’s Go Beyond ticking the boxes to measure learner satisfaction AND focus on making a real business impact that dives deep into the organizational fabric

Let’s Go Beyond rolling out quizzes to test learners AND consider systemic rewards and incentives to inspire the best in them

Let’s Go Beyond the buzzwords that catch our fancy every now and then AND focus on what works best for a given business challenge and performance context

Our Pledge to Go Beyond

How do we do it? | we consider 3 aspects

Define the Purpose:
The Business Supports the Employees

We start by asking ‘Why’. Getting to the bottom of why a learning intervention is needed sees us through a lot more Why’s—about the business, about the employees themselves and their performance context, about the dynamicity of the workplace, to name a few.

A deep dive into the initiative and we’re all set—right from the expected outcomes to how they align with the business needs and goals.

Focus on the Target Audience:
Employees Drive the Business

We recognize the target audience we are dealing with—not a full-time ‘learner’, but an adult who is keen to learn, to perform their jobs well. The modern worker. Someone with a lot going on. We think about employees every step of the way—crafting the learning objectives, designing the structure of the learning solution, incorporating the right mix of multimedia elements, and finally—gathering ideas on how to improve the experience.

For us, our target audience and the business challenge drive the design—rather than simply a set of topics. So we design with care.

Design for Motivation—
Motivation Fuels Employees

With the L&D industry gradually pivoting from mere content production to performance-focused solution design, we appreciate the importance of designing for motivation rather than ‘just because’. It’s more about crafting the most effective learning intervention and less about latching on to eLearning as the only solution.

Because why go for long-form eLearning when your employees would benefit from a set of contextual videos? Or even a game? The slight shift in perspective can work wonders for employees’ motivation levels because we’re conscious of the diversity of the employee base in terms of age, experience, industry knowledge, and other aspects that shape their predisposition.

So whether it’s on-the-job support tools or an opportunity to learn on the go, we partner with you to help you Go Beyond the usual in making sure the learning translates to on-the-job performance.

To know more about our approach to solution design, visit our Learning Design philosophy page.

Go Beyond the Usual—One Domain at a Time

With a strong will to contribute to the L&D brand overall, we’ve run Go Beyond campaigns spanning diverse domains and focal points. And continue to add to this effort.

Here’s a preview of what we’ve been up to recently:

The lack of learning engagement can trigger a downward spiral and put the very relevance of the L&D function at stake. As a part of this campaign, we take a deep dive into the art and science of learning engagement and explore why motivation matters and practice is paramount for learners to be engaged. Get in to know this and much more.

Gamification has come a long way in the space of modern workplace learning. We explore this wonderful journey of how games and gamification, something so unconventional and unorthodox, have made it into our lives, through learning or otherwise. Get in to know more.


We’re exploring what microlearning is and what it can be—and in the process, we've captured a number of perspectives on this versatile tool. Here’s what we’ve been up to.


Take a look at how we’re approaching learning measurement—it runs much deeper than just learner satisfaction or completion rates.


The sales force of the future merits support that not only ‘trains’ but also ‘enables’. Here’s what we’ve been up to in the Sales Enablement space.


Check out how we’re taking a fresh approach to mandatory regulatory and compliance training to go beyond just ticking the boxes.


Some examples of
our Go Beyond approach

The Challenge

To communicate certain principles and guidelines to employees to help them write more effective reports and carry out other non-technical communication.

Our Go Beyond solution—a fully responsive, exercise-based training intervention

A robust solution to help employees with informed decision-making to ensure effective communication, through the use of exercises designed with rich contexts and details to mimic reality.

Benefits of the Solution

Focusing on exercises that are useful for learners in triggering their thought processes and helping them with practical usage.

Delivering a mobile-friendly learning intervention with engaging visuals, infographics, and comic-book style presentation (adhering to responsive design to facilitate learning from any device).

Providing flexibility to attempt an assessment directly.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?

The Challenge

To help employees adopt safety as a culture, enabling them to respond correctly and safely to ‘live’ situations where safety hazards may be spontaneously created.

Our Go Beyond solution—a 6-month performance campaign

A series of interventions to support and sustain a ‘Safety First’ culture in the organization.

Benefits of the Solution

Creating a foundation for sustained effort towards safety as a cultural trait.

Providing interventions that are aligned to business priorities.

Ensuring a blend of modalities to impact culture, behavior, and attitudes across the organization.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?

The Challenge

Finding an engaging solution to present tedious content related to internal compliance training.

Our Go Beyond solution—a digital board game

A game-based journey that brings in the aspects of challenge and engagement to mandatory compliance training.

Benefits of the Solution

An engrossing way for the learners to breeze through serious content, without missing out on crucial learning points.

An adaptable solution that helps businesses introduce a culture of compliance within the organization in a meaningful way.

A personalized game-based journey designed to make dry policy subjects easily palatable.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?

The Challenge

Designing a learning intervention for healthcare practitioners that explains, exemplifies, and encourages the use of a specialized decision-making technique.

Our Go Beyond solution—a role-play driven solution for upskilling

An innovative solution comprising a mind map-styled framework, infographics, character illustration, and role-play examples to demonstrate how the decision making technique can be implemented.

Benefits of the Solution

Making it easy for the learners to absorb the main message by building a strong foundation of basics before diving deeper into its practical applications.

Engaging learners through realistic video-based role-plays to demonstrate how the various models and techniques can be implemented in patient care.

Facilitating a continued learning experience that goes beyond the course by providing additional learning material to consume.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?


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