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Scenario-Based Learning: The Ultimate Asset in Your L&D Toolkit

Welcome to the world of scenario-based learning! Dive in with our eBook to create impactful scenarios, avoid common pitfalls, and harness the full potential of this potent learning approach.


Microlearning: It’s Not What You Think it Is

Transform your training approach with "Microlearning: It's Not What You Think It Is." This groundbreaking ebook delves into the untapped potential of microlearning, offering valuable insights and practical guidance. Discover how to leverage performance support and spaced learning to boost knowledge retention, optimize training outcomes, and stay ahead in a rapidly changing world


Designing for Deeper Learning

For deeper learning to be systematically integrated into the experiences we create, we need an enlightened design process.

Position Paper

Position Paper

Artificial Intelligence in Designing Learning

Amidst the excitement generated by AI's possibilities, it is essential to cut through the noise and attain a pragmatic view of what AI can actually do to help with designing learning experiences. Delve into this position paper to understand AI's role in learning while keeping in view the limitations of current AI systems.

Position Paper

Experiential Learning

Have you ever wondered why learning falls short? It’s when learners don’t get to act like how they would in real life, make choices, experience the consequences of their learning, and don’t get an opportunity to reflect on their choices. Delve into this informative paper on how experiential learning can facilitate better retention, transfer, and application of learning.

Position Paper

Workflow Learning

Are you ready to revolutionize your learning experience?

Dive into the captivating world of Workflow Learning in this position authored by Clark Quinn and discover how to seamlessly integrate learning into your work processes. Uncover the definition, benefits, and potential challenges of this game-changing approach.



Learning that Works

Understand how learning, when correctly designed, aids retention and transfer to provide a deeper learning experience.


Mobile Learning – Here and Now

Get a comprehensive look at mobile learning - from the basics to the nuances of mLearning design to a framework for evaluation, key trends and growth.


Do You Need Games in Your eLearning Mix?

Learn when and how to use digital games effectively.



Real Learning Measurement: Go Beyond Checking the Box

This is a rich resource for organizations looking to pull data from across the business to identify real results and become more predictive.


Going Beyond Ticking The Box

Compliance training increases profitability. It also improves our understanding of how to work successfully and safely within the workplace.


The Buyer-Provider Partnership: The Key to High-Quality Custom Content

Gain an insight into the current content outsourcing landscape and learn how the buyer-provider partnership makes a significant difference.



3 Things to Focus on for Creating Engaging Multi-device eLearning

Here are 3 key aspects to be focused on while creating engaging eLearning for today's multi-device world.


What is Your App-type?

Here are 5 factors to consider when selecting between a native, web and hybrid app.


Converting eLearning to mLearning

Here are some pointers to help you convert your existing (legacy) eLearning into mLearning.

Case Studies


Effective Multimedia Course With Interactive Scenarios

Learn how we helped APIC train medical professionals in the prevention and transmission of infections via interactive scenarios.


Scenario-Based Course With Self-Paced Exploration

Learn how we repackaged AHLEI’s existing text-based, linear content into scenarios using non-linear navigation for self-paced exploration.


Experiential Learning Through Simulation Labs

Learn how we helped ToolingU-SME’s students to revise & apply the technical knowledge gained through its static online courses with simulation labs.



Microlearning is None of These Things: Beyond the Hype

Immerse yourself in the world of microlearning with industry experts Clark Quinn and Amit Garg in our engaging webinar, "Microlearning is None of These Things: Beyond the Hype."

Watch the webinar to unlock the potential of microlearning for your organization! Enhance learning strategies and elevate your approach to training.


Delivering Compliance Training that Works

Compliance training is often fraught with budget constraints and employee resistance. This can leave organizations wondering what they can do to make compliance training more effective.

 This webinar with Upside Learning's Chief Learning Strategist – Clark Quinn, puts a different spin on compliance training and suggests how you can take it from obligatory to useful.


Designing for Deeper Learning: Achieving Retention, Transfer, and Impact with Workplace Learning

While learning experiences may look impressive, unless they’re designed according to learning science principles, they may still turn out to be shallow. Worse, the nuances are subtle. Watch this webinar by Clark Quinn to know how that can be addressed.



5 Reasons to Not Do Microlearning? Think Again!

Microlearning's effectiveness may not match its hype, but before you dismiss it, let's take a closer look.


14 Essential Tips to Create Deeper Learning Experiences

Even the most impressive-looking learning experiences designed according to learning science principles can turn out to be shallow, which can hurt your business. Get comprehensive insights with our infographic on Deeper Learning Experiences curated by Clark Quinn.


Optimizing the Learning Experience in Compliance Training

Here are some thoughts that can help benefit the entire cycle of designing and delivering compliance training programs.


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