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Expert Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services - Converting Legacy Courses for Future-Proof Learning. Rapid eLearning, SCORM Compliance, and Responsive Design for Seamless Mobile and Tablet Interactivity. Choose As-Is, Visual Uplifting, or Complete Redesign Options.

Future-proof your learning

your learning

The writing’s been on the wall for a while now – Flash is all set to make its exit by the end of 2020

If you want to save your legacy courses, it’s time to act now and move your courses to HTML5! But this isn’t news, is it? We understand that right now it’s not a question of “should we or shouldn’t we” but that of “where do we start”.

And that’s what we bring to the table – the ability to not just convert your legacy courses, but to help you re-evaluate and revamp your current courses while you’re at it. We help you:

  • Identify what stays and what goes (yes, your training material needs to go through the spring-cleaning cycle too!)

  • Figure out what needs to change to keep the training relevant to current needs (training needs analysis is NOT a one-time activity, but an ongoing process)

  • Complete the conversion activity using a tried and tested process to ensure we meet your timelines (considering both volumes and scope)


With 8+ years and 100+ projects, we specialize in Flash to HTML5 conversion-ranging from direct conversion to value added conversion.

We offer a variety of Flash to HTML5 conversion services while delivering interactive content to mobiles and tablets across tools and platforms.

Our Speed

Depending on the nature of the conversion, the turnaround time per hour of output can be anywhere between just 2 to 10 working days. Explore our Rapid eLearning offerings to understand our approach to delivering this.

Our Strength

Our team of experts accurately convert Flash to HTML5, ensuring that the content is supported by all major devices, such as iOS, Android, and Windows.
The output can be Adaptive or Responsive, SCORM or xAPI compliant-anything that your LMS or LRS supports. We also have a multi-device testing Lab which we utilize to test all the output to ensure they work as expected.

Our Expertise

UL works with a variety of tools like Storyline, Lectora, Evolve, Elucidat, Adapt, Adobe Captivate, and Articulate Rise, along with FRED, which is our responsive eLearning development framework that has won the Brandon Hall award.


No matter what your conversion needs, we have you covered!

As-Is Conversion

As-Is Conversion
In this solution, we replicate the output as closely as possible, with default functionality and templates - from a content (text and audio), asset, and functionality viewpoint. This way, the responsive output is capable of running on desktop computers, laptops, and large tablets in landscape mode.
* The output can be extended to support smartphones if needed.

As-Is Conversion

Conversion with Visual Uplifting
This option comes with a visual makeover. The content remains the same and our media strategy team will give you options that best suit the type and nature of content.
This could be a photo-based, mixed media, or 2D/3D graphic-based option.
The layouts are reworked to come up with a style that matches your branding and has an overall new-age look.

As-Is Conversion

Complete Redesign - Instructional, Visual and Functional Uplifting
In case you are looking at redoing your courses, our team can come up with design strategies to help achieve that.
The scope will involve working with your team to understand the learning and business objectives and coming up with a fresh instructional, visual, and functional treatment to make the output more effective for your current needs.


The Challenge

Converting and translating 50 web-based courses, developed using a variety of tools, into mobile-friendly courses with HTML output using Articulate Storyline 3

Our Solution

A customized process to rapidly develop 50+ courses in 2 months.

A robust solution for tool migration and translation that aimed at setting expectations early and automating as many tasks as possible to ensure the timely delivery of standardized courses with an updated look and feel.  

Benefits of the Solution

A standardized authoring format and software versions that are SCORM 1.2 compliant for all courses.

A bi-lingual Storyline package of both English and Spanish versions with a language selection page.

50+ course packages delivered in a short span of 8 weeks.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?

The Challenge

To communicate certain principles and guidelines to employees to help them write more effective reports and carry out other non-technical communication.

Our Solution

A fully responsive, exercise-based training intervention (A Brandon Hall Excellence Award winner!)

A robust solution to help employees with informed decision-making to ensure effective communication, through the use of exercises designed with rich contexts and details to mimic reality.

Benefits of the Solution

Focusing on exercises that are useful for learners in triggering their thought process and helping them with practical usage.

Delivering a mobile-friendly learning intervention with engaging visuals, infographics, and comic-book style presentation (adhering to responsive design to facilitate learning from any device).

Providing flexibility to attempt an assessment directly.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?

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