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We understand that an organization’s learning and development needs  go beyond  creating learning interventions and e-Learning curriculum

In our role as Learning Partners, we help you identify other learning management requirements, and provide solutions that focus on the bigger picture – ensuring that your learning initiatives are well-supported so they can make a more lasting impact.

Here are some ways in which we can extend support to ensure that your larger learning goals are met.

Creating Awareness  for Your Audiences

The nature of learning and development is fast changing, and so is the role of the L&D function as a whole. We’re moving from a push format where L&D teams were the sole drivers of organizational learning where they identified, created, and scheduled training interventions; to a pull format where L&D teams act as facilitators and curators of learning material, and all other teams and individuals are responsible for identifying their own learning needs.

With the large volume and multiple forms of learning material that is created, it becomes extremely important for L&D team to bring focus to new learning interventions, and showcase the value of these programs. After all, even the most robust training interventions can end up having really low uptake, if the crucial question of “What’s in it for me” is not answered.

Here are some ways in which we can help you bring focus to your learning interventions, and highlight the value of the program to your employees.

Taking your projects to a Global Audience

It’s fairly common for organizations to have a global workforce, and we can no longer plan high-impact learning interventions without taking this into account. For any program to meet the desired goals, organizations need to ensure that it reaches every individual employee who will in any way be affected by it.

We can help you do just that.

Support and Maintenance

Even after we’ve helped you roll out a solution, there’s a lot that could change. Perhaps your portfolio is updated with new products and services or added features, or your business has upgraded with improved processes, revised policies, and updated laws and regulations. Not to mention innovative technologies, latest devices, software, and system upgrades to add to the mix.

Here’s where we come in—your one-stop shop to update your existing solutions; even if it’s simply to update the existing content or minor technical tweaks to support a new browser, make changes to an old app to the latest version of Android, update old courses to run on your new or updated LMS, or updates to an operating system. We can help you with one-time requirements or recurring ones over a given period of time.

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