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Performance Optimization Begins Here

Check-out our infographic as we help you learn how to identify performance gaps, pinpoint specific needs, and discover barriers to success. Find out how to choose the right solutions and measure performance effectively.


How To Avoid Impact in Learning Design

Explore some not-so-secret methods to avoid falling into ineffective learning habits! This eye-opening infographic unveils the pitfalls of mindlessly following orders, dumping information, and prioritizing style over substance. Get ready to break away from the ordinary.


Varied or Exact Practice?

In our simplified adaptation of a captivating study, we present a unique exploration involving a group of vibrant eight-year-olds in a bean bag toss challenge. The question at the heart of it all: Did varied practice, with targets at different distances, or exact practice at a fixed distance yield better results?


What kind of practice makes perfect?

Explore effective learning with Simplifi Research! Our study compares distributed vs. massed practice in junior surgical residents learning microvascular anastomosis. Results, revealed in our infographic from live rat testing, highlight performance variations.


5 Reasons to Not Do Microlearning? Think Again!

Microlearning's effectiveness may not match its hype, but before you dismiss it, let's take a closer look.


14 Essential Tips to Create Deeper Learning Experiences

Even the most impressive-looking learning experiences designed according to learning science principles can turn out to be shallow, which can hurt your business. Get comprehensive insights with our infographic on Deeper Learning Experiences curated by Clark Quinn.


Optimizing the Learning Experience in Compliance Training

Here are some thoughts that can help benefit the entire cycle of designing and delivering compliance training programs.


Gamification 101

Gamification is no longer just another buzzword for us. It's gradually turning into a formidable design methodology.


Creating Engaging Multi-device eLearning

A quick reference to creating engaging eLearning in today's multi-device world.


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