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Say you’ve identified a performance gap among employees and mark that off as a training need. So should it be training through standalone eLearning or a sustained learning campaign? Or is a targeted learning initiative even the solution? In the fast-changing nature of work itself, these questions can be daunting.

With employee perspectives at the heart of our analysis and a keen eye on your business goals, we’re here to help you with exactly this.

As your learning consultants, we work closely with your team in uncovering the business challenge beyond what is perceived. Together with your business insights and goals, and our experience and expertise, we work with you towards conceptualizing creative, yet practical solutions that make a business impact.

Our Thought Process for a Consultative Approach Towards

Begin with the end in mind

To uncover latent organizational needs, we help you reframe the business challenge—to visualize it in an outcome-focused way. What do you see employees doing differently to impact the business in a positive way?

Employees that drive business-Upside Learning Solutions

Keep employees at the heart of the matter

Employees are what drive the business—your vehicles for organizational success. Once the desired outcome is clear, it becomes easier to define the purpose of any targeted solution that can address the business need from the employee's perspective. What would employees need to perform their jobs better?

Performance outcome-learning consultancy

Design for motivation

We partner with you to help conceptualize effective solutions meant to motivate employees towards the desired performance outcome—considering employees of the modern workplace, their work context, challenges, and workflows. How best might employees access and interact with the required content?

We help you answer these questions and more. Whether bite-sized learning nuggets, a vibrant video series, a set of job aids, or a learning campaign—we help you put together learning interventions that can make a business impact: rooted in strong ID principles and designed with meaningful interactions.

Learning Consultancy
Solution Spotlight

The Challenge

Designing a learning program for a new job role, which, though defined, was minimally detailed.

Our Solution

Extensive consultation with the client followed by a tailor-made blended learning solution.
We adopted a two-step strategy to find our way out of a somewhat vague requirement.

  • Finalizing the requirements and scope: In close consultation with the client.
  • Designing and developing a model solution: Consisting of three primary components; a Learning Path, ILT kits, and eLearning modules.

Benefits of the Solution

Providing a detailed learning blueprint for the new job role, through the Learning Path.

Incorporating abstract client ideas and nuances of their requirements into one blended learning package.

Presenting each type of content optimally; content requiring simple cognition was included in eLearning modules whereas the more complex and application-based content was included in ILTs.

Providing advanced scaffolding through the Train the Trainer workshop.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?

The Challenge

To help employees adopt safety as a culture, enabling them to respond correctly and safely to ‘live’ situations where safety hazards may be spontaneously created.

Our Solution

A 6-month performance campaign
A series of interventions to support and sustain a ‘Safety First’ culture in the organization.

Benefits of the Solution

Creating a foundation for sustained effort towards safety as a cultural trait.

Providing interventions that are aligned to business priorities.

Ensuring a blend of modalities to impact culture, behavior, and attitudes across the organization.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?

The Challenge

To communicate certain principles and guidelines to employees to help them write more effective reports and carry out other
non-technical communication.

Our Solution

A fully responsive, exercise-based training intervention (A Brandon Hall Excellence Award winner!)
A robust solution to help employees with informed decision-making to ensure effective communication, through the use of exercises designed with rich contexts and details to mimic reality.

Benefits of the Solution

Focusing on exercises that are useful for learners in triggering their thought process and helping them with practical usage.

Delivering a mobile-friendly learning intervention with engaging visuals, infographics, and comic-book style presentation (adhering to responsive design to facilitate learning from any device).

Providing flexibility to attempt an assessment directly.

What challenges did we face? What results were achieved? Want to know more about this case?


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