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Engaged learners

play a significant role in the growth of any organization. Without engagement, there is neither learning nor learning transfer to facilitate performance the ultimate goal of all workplace learning. The lack of learning engagement can trigger a downward spiral and put the very relevance of the L&D function at stake.

While there is no longer a need to poll the importance of learning to an organization, it is heartening to see learning engagement being recognized as the other side of the coin.

Learning is non-negotiable, and it must be engaging to be able to deliver results. Every organization has its own need for and approach to learning and likewise, engagement too, does not come with a template.

With the Learning Engagement GoBeyond campaign, we make an attempt to tap into the art and science of learning engagement and also draw on our decade-plus journey that has been as challenging as it has been engaging. We talk about the foundations of learning engagement, learning engagement design, and measurement of learning engagement. We substantiate out thoughts with real-life examples and stories.

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Learning science tells us that learning engagement rests on two pillars: motivation and practice.

Motivation is the starting point. Right from the beginning, it is important to maintain motivation levels throughout the learning intervention with appropriate learning design.

There is no learning without practice; there is no performance without practice. Simulations or scenarios can fill in for real situations, but practice is a must. What works best is spaced practice, staggered retrieval, and interleaving practice sessions.

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