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This eBook addresses some critical aspects of impactful learning experiences that focus on the bigger picture in terms of the interplay between organizations’ and employees’ perspectives towards this mandatory training. If you’re looking for a starting point towards revisiting compliance training, this eBook is for you.

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    eBook Abstract:

    The words ‘Regulatory Audit’ probably spark fear in organizations, particularly among the leadership. Grappled with thoughts about how best they can prepare themselves for compliance, organizations strive to develop the best interventions to help enforce best practices and regulations most effectively—all in the backdrop of budgetary and time constraints. These are among the many concerns organizations presently face regarding compliance training. But it’s when you think about compliance training through the employee perspective that most of these concerns answer themselves.
    With a focus on what compliance training means to organizations and employees, this eBook provides answers to the ‘what’, the ‘why,’ and the ‘how’ of designing and implementing successful compliance training programs.

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