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    A brief on the eBook:

    For deeper learning to be systematically integrated into the experiences we create, we need an enlightened design process. Just as learners need to apply learning to make it meaningful, we need to apply what’s known about learning, and design, in our design process.

    Come, with this eBook, let’s dig deeper into the Deeper Learning Design Process and Approach.

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    • Design Process for Deeper Learning: An Overview

      The main reason to have a design process is to have a manageable and predictable method that we can use to estimate timelines and costs.

    • Performance Focus for Deeper Learning Design

      Our goals should not be learning! That may seem counter-intuitive for a deeper learning perspective, but what organizations need is not knowing new things, but the ability to do new things.

    • Analysis Phase of Deeper Learning Design

      Deeper Learning, not surprisingly, requires an associated analysis phase. We need to analyze our audience and work with our stakeholders to share the results of our analysis and get agreement.

    • Creativity for Deeper Learning Design

      Once you’ve done the analysis of the problem to be addressed and learning is the solution, the subsequent step is to use that analysis as the foundation for designing an approach. And despite the seeming inconsistency, systematic creativity is not an oxymoron.

    • Perfect Practice for Deeper Learning

      When it comes to Deeper Learning, the biggest differentiator, is the role of practice. The question then becomes: how do you design sufficient meaningful practice?

    • Deeper Learning Design: Beyond Practice

      While practice is, perhaps, the most important thing to remedy in making Deeper Learning, there is much beyond practice that is ripe for improvement. These include extending the experience, going into detail on the ‘content’, and considerations about context.

    • The Role of Emotion in Deeper Learning

      When it comes to Deeper Learning, there’s more to it than just the cognitive. It turns out that ‘emotion’ does make a difference. If we want to pay attention to this area, we have to understand it and then design for it.

    • Developing Deeper Learning

      We can have all the principles we want about Deeper Learning, but we also need an associated design process that allows us to systematically deliver on the promise. We need ways to create, test, and refine, our designs - we need a development plan.

    Doing Deeper Learning is a necessary start. Let’s take that step and start achieving real outcomes.
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