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Learning Engagement

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    A brief on the eBook:

    There is no progression without learning.

    There is no learning without engagement.

    There is no engagement unless you deliberately design for it based on your organization’s needs, your learners’ profile, and the tried-and-tested science of learning.

    We have put together a guide to get you started.



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    • Learning has an engagement problem

      The goal of workplace learning is performance and not just-in-time memorization for a test. Without engagement, there is neither learning nor learning transfer to facilitate performance. With the very relevance of the learning and development (L&D) function at stake, the entire organization can stagnate for want of engagement.

    • Let’s begin with the learning

      Memory is the foundation, and it works best with staggered reinforcement. It is not about faithful reproduction but flexible adaptation to solve new problems. Store, retrieve, adapt, apply, and return to storage in new form. The journey from stimulus to performance is fascinating when engagement is at the wheel.

    • Understanding learning engagement

      Learning is not about hours and pages. It is about being able to solve problems here and now. It calls for involvement and effort. Motivation matters: practice is paramount. And the wheels will turn faster and more efficiently if you throw a few difficulties into the works. You must tell them how they are doing but think about when and how.

    • How to design learning for engagement

      Three simple steps: preparation, design, and follow-up. Studded with meaningful activities and bound with learning loops. Learning formulated to match each one’s appetite. Breaking down the complex into a holistic whole, occasionally delivering a gentle push to hasten the swimming lesson. Being there to help deliver even after class is over.

    • Measuring learning engagement

      It boils down to measuring decision making capability, task competence and how effective the learning transfer has been. Forgetting is human; a good learner adapts and applies well. The right metric is not a grade or a number but result where and when it matters most.

    • Two supportive studies

      That’s the icing on the engagement! Results of pure research illustrated in a simplified way.

    • Some engaging stories

      Dive deeper into some examples of real learning from real workplaces and discover how they designed for learning engagement.

    • Crack the learning engagement code

      Now that you know, munch on a crisp infographic as you crack the engagement code for your organization’s learning.

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