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    Explore the strategic aspects of microlearning and its application in driving performance and productivity. Learn how to optimize learning through spaced intervals and overcome common implementation challenges along with breaking the common misconceptions around it.

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    • Microlearning is None of These Things!

      What is microlearning? There are generally two different stories you may have heard. One says, “It’s like YouTube, you look something up and it helps you get it done.” The other says “It’s” little bits of a course, spread out over time”. Both are a close descriptions! Yet, they’re also very different.

    • When is Microlearning the Right Solution?

      So, we’ve got two definitions of microlearning: performance support and spaced learning. Each has its place. So just when do they make sense? That's worth exploring, but to do so, we need to look a wee bit at how we actually work and learn.

    • The Costs of Doing Microlearning the Wrong Way

      Microlearning has benefits, and it’s easy to fall into the belief that it solves all problems. However, when we look a bit deeper, we see that there are times when microlearning isn’t appropriate. Moreover, even if it is right, you might go about it wrong. Here, we unpack some of the issues.

    • Overcome These Common Challenges of Microlearning

      Microlearning has the promise of being a useful tool in your kit of solutions. Yet, there are ways to go obviously wrong. Knowing ways that you can go wrong increases the likelihood that you don’t.

    • Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Microlearning

      Despite the hype about microlearning, is there really any ‘there’ there? Let’s consider, then, some reasons why you might not want to do microlearning. Take this guidance, let us add, with the proverbial grain of salt.

    • Case Study: Performance Support

      Performance support is really about two things: the right information, at the right time. While this sounds simple, the details can be difficult.

    • Case Study: Spaced Learning

      Spaced Learning, to be effective, needs to have a planned rollout, where the initial concepts are reinforced and expanded upon.

    • Microlearning Best Practices

      How do you do microlearning well? What practices in implementation make a difference? The recommendations go from generic to eLearning to specifics around the major two delivery methods.

    • Expert Advice: Creating a Successful Microlearning Strategy for Your Organization

      Microlearning shouldn’t be thought of just as an initiative. Even with two different approaches, each can be applied to a number of situations.

    • The Future of Microlearning

      Where is microlearning liable to go? For one, we hope that microlearning as a buzzphrase disappears. We’d prefer folks think about performance support as a solution, and spaced learning as a different solution, both with their unique opportunities and rationales. 

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