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    A Brief on the eBook:

    Traditionally, L&D has primarily concentrated on ‘learning,’ which can be a flawed strategy. What organizations actually need are individuals who can apply their knowledge and perform effectively. The ultimate aim is to boost performance.

    Our eBook addresses this critical gap. It explores the shift from mere ‘knowledge’ to practical ‘application’ and offers guidance on developing a ‘performance ecosystem’ that enhances business outcomes. Learn how to shift your learning approach to emphasize performance, leading to substantial improvement in impact. Take the first step towards optimizing learning for performance!

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    • What is performance?

      Grasp the essence of performance-focused learning. Learn how prioritizing performance over traditional learning paradigms can revolutionize organizational outcomes.

    • What is involved in properly doing performance?

      Discover how to cultivate a culture of performance excellence through strategic Learning and Development (L&D) efforts. Explore innovative approaches to addressing both known and unknown challenges within your organization.

    • Performance-focused analysis

      Learn the art of pinpointing performance gaps, understanding root causes, and implementing effective interventions to drive meaningful change within your organization.

    • Performance-focused job aid design

      Discover the potential of job aids as invaluable resources for enhancing task execution efficiency. Explore best practices in job aid design and iterative refinement for optimal performance support.

    • Job aid design case study

      In this case, the client was looking to support their employees after the days of the Covid-19 pandemic. They had a ‘return to work’ program that they were instituting and wanted to make it a success.

    • Performance-focused learning design

      Master the principles of designing learning experiences that prioritize application over acquisition. Discover effective strategies for fostering behavior change and skill retention.

    • Learning design case study

      In this case, an international airline needed to update its Fire Warden training to remote delivery for COVID-19. This had to be done without compromising the quality.

    • Performance-focused evaluation

      Gain insights into evaluating the impact of learning interventions on organizational performance. Explore methodologies for data collection, analysis, and iterative improvement.

    • Avoiding performance

      Engage in a conversation about the challenges and attitudes towards embracing performance-focused learning practices. Learn how to navigate resistance and prioritize efficacy over convenience.

    • Performance as ecosystem

      Explore the concept of viewing performance as an ecosystem and facilitating growth from novice to expert within your organization.

    • Performance as strategy

      Uncover the strategic implications of adopting a performance-driven approach within your organization. Learn how to initiate and sustain meaningful change for long-term success.

    • Getting from here to performance

      Take actionable steps towards implementing performance-focused practices within your organization. Gain practical insights into measurement, strategic choices, and fostering a performance mindset.

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